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"In January the European Commission is launching 14 bug bounties on Free Software projects that the EU institutions rely on." Including FileZilla.

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I am writing a "Why does decentralization matter?" blog post

I visited the Africamuseum in Brussels. Plenty of opinions and mixed feelings. It's interesting to see how it, somewhat inadvertently, lives up to its tagline: Everything passes except the past. It's an excellent demonstration of how hard it is to convey meaning and intent. I also did a blog:

Durability is never a goal in itself. It's a function that follows the creation of value. And value is an ephemeral concept entirely rooted in the human condition. It does not exist outside of us. And it's never exactly quantifiable. The only good reason to put durability front and center is because it serves higher values or goals important to a larger group of stakeholders. It's easy to forget that when you're deeply focussed on building a particular technical solution.

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Starting with Chrome 69, logging into a Google Site is tied to logging into Chrome.

(I created a blog for occasions where 500 characters just aren't enough)

Watched Arrival last night. Really liked the cinematography and the acting. The story? Felt a ambiguous afterwards. Sure, there's a great build up of a tension arch, but I was left with many questions when the credits rolled by. Maybe that was Villeneuve's intention all along. It just felt like a carbon copy of a Terrence Malik flick, not in a bad way, but rather a commendable effort way. If that makes sense.

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"Siri, do you think you and your colleagues are like us librarians?"
"Not quite. We digital assistants have not taken the secret oath."
"To preserve knowledge and culture; to never deny anyone information they need?"
"Yes. We have not sworn that."
"Why not?"
"We are not allowed."

Also got back into Cities: Skylines over the past days. Brings back fond memories of endless hours being engrossed in SimCity 2000. It's been ages since I last spend just a couple of hours gaming.

So, I tried Fortnite a few weeks ago. I think it's an okay game. Then I went back to Team Fortress 2 which I haven't played in ages. I feel lack the latter carries much more depth and is just more fun then Fortnite. After all, Fortnite is a well executed take on the 'king of the hill' game mode, but not much more at this time.

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1. If at all possible, do not use the computer

Back in business after a much needed vacation.

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Mostly been reading up on the Memento Framework today. Interspersed with bits and pieces of Guards! Guards! A Discworld Novel.

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That last boosted toot may have been birdsite PTSD kicking in. Then again, the core architecture of the Internet or the Web was never about solving the Byzantine General's Problem. Verified profiles through centralised trusted authorities is the opposite of what a decentralised, distributed network like Mastodon provides. If someone else on another Mastodon instance uses my nick, that's fine. Nobody debates the same issue in the context of e-mail, Jabber or IRC.

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