Dune 😍


Villeneuve has already delivered and exceeded my expectations a few times. Here's hoping he did it again!

Okay. Let's take 9 for a spin. Few years now since I last toyed with Drupal. It used to be my bread & butter. Curious how it has evolved.

Whipping up a direct-to-S3 file upload component in vanilla JavaScript. The aws-sdk JS library does all the heavy lifting. Most of the work is front end implementation.

When our ancestors first started fiddling with , they incidentally stumbled upon the joys and frustration of hacking.

I succumbed to the bread hype. Three days in and I get amped just from seeing little carbon dioxide bubbles forming in my starter.

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A web developer falls asleep in a train. As the train goes and each car's wheels make the characteristic double thud, the developer has a nightmare:

Also, 15 years on and I'm left wondering if WordPress is still the right choice for me. Gutenberg feels too heavy handed, plugins cluttering the UI with ads, the push towards towards tight integration with wp for com via Jetpack,... It's not the nimble, fresh writing and building CMS it once was.

Spend an hour looking at GDPR consent plugins for WordPress. Settled for a plugin that does most of the heavy lifting for me. After 2 years, I feel that these explicit consent forms are a losing proposition as the biggest offenders moved on to advanced fingerprinting techniques anyway.

The delight which is https://cheapskate guide.org. (as seen on HN)

"Crawled - Currently not indexed". The present bane of my existence as far as my blog and SEO is concerned. Google Search is this magic box that may or may not reference your content. It's as useful as a telephone directory that may or may not add your number no matter how many times you've submitted it.

Okay. I'm happy with neither WordPress Jetpack or Google Analytics. So, I've installed Matomo, a self-hosted free/libre solution that promotes 'ethical analytics'. matomo.org/

I've started a personal side project using Symfony 5. Really like how that framework has moved from 2-3 years ago.

Quarantining, social distancing and vigorous handwashing. How's your april going?

I'm currently writing Groovy scripts for Apache NiFi (nifi.apache.org/). The really fun part is that I can use NiFi's Testing suite to test those without having to spin up a completely configured NiFi instance. Huge timesaver!

O hi there Java! It's been a long time since I've last coded anything using you.

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