The problem with doing a client for this is lack of scale. Assuming there's 100k active users, 50% run iOS/Mac, probably < 10% of those would pay for an app. I'm thinking ~5k copies which sucks compared to the effort required.

🐓 and 🥚 I know.

A straight up tootclient, doesn't carry much value in the Fediverse. The value of any social network are the users. Only a client that adds value in itself that people actually want - top notch UX, new original features,... - may yield revenue for a while. Remember IRC? Yeah, this has happened before.


As far as the value of the social network is concerned: that's why silos like the birdsite are so protective, close up their API's to third party apps. The goal of ActivityPub and Mastodon is to provide an open alternative everybody can implement.

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