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Does an article or post urge you to share? Take a moment to think why.

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If you think a single person is just too small to make a difference, you should read up on Jadav Payeng, the "Forest Man of India".

When he was 16 he started planting trees on a deforested sandbar. He made it a habit of planting at least one tree every single day - over the course of the last four decades.

His forest now encompasses an area of about 1,360 acres / 550 hectares and is home to not only over one hundred elephants, but also monkeys, tigers and deer.

Be the change you desire!

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I'm sure a few of you have already seen this on HN but this is an absolute must-read from a software development standpoint but also from a "holy shit this is a uniquely rich and readable take" standpoint

... which is to change the hypothetical use cases developed previously into what users showed that they really want from to focus on. So, it allows us to put more effort into the direction of building a digital companion app for users that can quickly identify the original source of information and easily visualise how it changed on the way and where. Let me know what you think about the feedback and direction described above.

... "don't scrape without consent; that's why we left twitter", "don't you dare to score users", "don't make a system that tells people what to think", "don't make something that governments, `authorities' or anyone else can use to monitor me". Obviously we agree with all the above and crucially they are also in line with our recent internal privacy impact assessment concluded, which is perfect, because it provides clarity for the next step: ...

Thank you all for the wonderful passion you showed about information trustworthiness in social media. In scientific research projects, we usually get a lot less interest, so the community's involvement was a pleasant surprise. Some very clear messages for that I perceive and correct me where I am wrong because I haven't seen the complete feedback analysis yet: ...

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It's how we are getting somewhere with feedback on where should and shouldn't go. And I can confirm already that it will not affect anyone who will not explicitly consent and it will certainly not use the fediverse as a testbed. If we need to run any experiments, we will set up our own Mastodon (and Diaspora by the way) instance explicitly created for this and clearly communicated to people interested in taking part in it and consenting explicitly. @Eunomia

On the general topics that is looking at, see this recent paper published by Univ. Regina and MIT: It's about crowdsourcing of trust scoring, but looks at it from the political angle mainly of Democrat Vs. Republican. Interesting anyway. Worth discussing if you have time to read it.

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This is some academic thing being run out of the Univeristy of Greenwich that got some EU money. If it were a government overreach/ bureaucratic nightmare, Greenwich would not be involved. They were lucky to get the money in these Brexit-y times.


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