Dermatillomania/skin picking/mild gore (NOT VORE YOU SICKOS) 

So due to picking at the monster zit on my chin last night/this morning I was left with a huge bump with a raw weeping spot in the middle and ran errands downtown today, including buying makeup!!!, with a bandaid barely hanging on and looking hella gross. Replaced it with big hydrocolloid bandage that covers half my chin and still looks p gross

Dermatillomania/skin picking/mild gore (NOT VORE YOU SICKOS) 

Anyway I am off to get groceries and maybe a bite to eat at Tim Horton's and am relieved to be in Parkdale rather than the downtown core. In Parkdale as long as you're not actively dripping on something you're all right.

The upside is that the rest of my face looks relatively fine by comparison. Despite discolouration, hull integrity is high.

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