When I leave for the day Wasabi is usually in my bedroom looking out the window at birds and things

Good morning, Mastodon! Going downtown today to watch the Executive Committee meeting at City Hall.

You may have seen Toronto City Hall in this one Star Trek: TNG episode (spacing.ca/toronto/2013/10/01/). The dome in the middle is nicknamed the "clamshell" or the "flying saucer", it's where Council meetings are held. mastodon.social/media/bO_Sed7s

Help I was going to go eat and then the cat lay down on me. I'm so hungry

Anyway, here is a small beautiful thing: a ladybug larva, preparing to transform.

Now I'm going to snuggle the cat and sleep and forget about social media

at this juncture I'd just like to mention that girl me bears a striking resemblance to Jade from Beyond Good & Evil mastodon.social/media/qm3Vok_u 🔁


Inflicting this terrible on you because someone messaged me this and you all must share my pain. Every item in here is wrong

Tiny parasitic wasp! Scoping out her prey, then injecting an egg into an aphid with a quick jab.

Got some really nice spider pics today. This is a small wolf spider (Trochosa?) preparing to balloon from the tip of a blade of grass.

"Ballooning" is how spiders "fly". They climb to a high point, stand on tiptoe, and release threads of fine silk that are caught by the slightest breeze. Then they float away.


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