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FYI frens and followers of US politics, @datatitian is doing an excellent thread reading through the new #AHCA bill:

Feeling the need for a smaller instance and a more follow-able fed timeline…I may move over here.

This kinda sucks as their photos are higher-quality than Wikimedia and are used in Buffer's Pablo tool (, which is really handy for making shareable graphics for my work.

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news, labour, indentured servitude 

in case you haven't read it yet: USA Today discovers SoCal port truck drivers are being forced into indentured servitude

update: laundry in dryer, food eaten, eating more food now

what's up w/you masto
qu'est-ce que se passe
que pasa
וואָס איז נײַע

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trying to work up the energy to do laundry, or get up, or anything really 🔁

O for an instance where people bash Liberals as well as liberals. Like OK capitalism sucks but can we also talk about how Kathleen Wynne's recently unveiled high-speed rail plan is blatant pre-election pandering and, if it ever happens, would be a giant money pit and we don't have true high speed rail in North America

the long-awaited results are in, and I'm sorry to report that They Are Not Giants

Cat is curled up and I want to curl around cat and nap

🇫🇷 ✖ 🇨🇦 French word of the day: "baragouiner", to gibber or garble words.

"Si vous recevez des appels bizarres où je baragouine que je vous aime…"
"If you get weird calls where I'm slurring 'I love you'…"

Merci beaucoup à @dracaenias. À votre santé!


Well, I slept in and then I undid a couple days of good habits by picking at my face till it was numb, but I have finally gotten makeup on and eaten something and am having tea.


I'm so fucking glad that I had dial-up and no digital camera when I was a minor, also did not sex

Cat is yowling at me because she wants to go out for a walk but I am too tired to take her out and besides I already have on my comfy hole-filled leggings. Tomorrow, kitty, tomorrow. 🔁

coming back to mastodon after a few hours away and looking at my timeline like

Home, finally. Purring cat lying on chest demanding scritches. Must water plants and feed self and a bit. 🔁

In my happy place (the messenger bag section at MEC)

When I was 16 I did a student exchange thing in French-speaking New Brunswick and the Americans who came over from Maine pronounced "Presqu'ile" like "Pres-KYLE".

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1. American Mastodon: do you really pronounce it "la croy"?
2. French Mastodon: please confirm it is "la crwah" / Mastodon français·e SVP confirmer que la prononciation est /la kʁwa/

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