the idea of this being a scam is baffling to me. who would scam you for $20 worth of groceries other than someone who actually needs $20 worth of groceries???


Do good recklessly.


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I was in line at Aldi and this girl with two toddlers in
front of me had her card declined and she looked so
fucking sad and said “let me call my husband real
quick” and it was only 18 dollars, so I just paid for it,
and she was very sweet and then as she walked off,
the lady behind me said *”You know that was
probably a scam, right?” and like, even if it was, like
what a sad fucking scam, right? 18 dollars at the Aldi.
If you’re “scamming” me for some Tyson chicken and
apple juice and cauliflower, then just take my fucking

“A scam” people are fucking wild.

w@​ dragginage

This happened to me, too. A woman had used WIC
for the majority of her stuff (which I say from
personal experience is such a long and embarrassing
process) and to buy the remainder of her groceries,
which included diapers and wipes, she used a card,
and it got declined. I bought the other $30 of her
groceries because hey, I've been there, and now I’m
not. She was extremely emotional and began to cry
and even hugged me. My mom called me on the drive
home and could tell I had been crying myself, asked
what was wrong, and when I told her what happened,
she berated me for being “duped.” I couldn't believe
she could be so disappointed in one of her children
for doing something- nice? Is that the hill you want to
die on? Getting mad about people needing groceries?

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% systlin

I once paid for a woman's bill at the wasn’t a
big one, but she was trying to pay for some

medication for her dog, and her card was declined.
And her lip started trembling, and she says “I don't
get paid until Tuesday, would he be ok until then?”

So I just told them to add the $20 something onto my
bill, and I thought she was going to break down
crying right there.

And I don’t care if it was a scam or not. Just do nice
things for people sometimes.

& therealflurrin

Do good recklessly.


I think “Do good recklessly” would be fantastic word
art to hang on one's wall. Artistic people, go!

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fe 7faerielights

So this has happened to me but from the other side.
Several years ago when my oldest was around three
or so, I had my debit card decline at Walmart. It
wasn't a scam or a mistake, I was genuinely broke.
Out of money. I checked my bank and discovered I
had something like 7 dollars left to my name anda
hungry kid and nothing to eat at home. So I sat there
trying to come up with the best way to stretch that
tiny amount of money to feed my kid. Not even to
feed me. I can live on popcorn or something if I have
to but my kid was three and he had to eat. So there I
am trying really hard not to cry while I slowly take
things out of my basket to get it down to under 7
bucks, when a lady tapped me on the shoulder. I
looked up and she smiled at me and started putting
the things back in my cart. I opened my mouth to tell
her that I didn’t have the money for them but she
stopped me right away and said “Don’t worry about it.
It's gonna be fine.” Then she handed the cashier her
credit card and said “Ring up all of it.” My kid got to
eat because of her. I got to eat because of her. I had
laundry soap and deodorant because of her. She
could've just ignored me silently struggling in that
line. She could've decided I was a scam and gone
home feeling good about avoiding being duped. But
instead she chose to help me and she saved us. So
maybe the person struggling in front of you is trying
to put one over on you or maybe they are just sad and
broke and trying to figure out what to do. You get to
decide which you want to believe and what you want
to do. But I'll tell y’all, no one has ever been more
beautiful to me than that lady in that line who saved
me and my baby. Be like her. Be beautiful.

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Q lightningchaserarts



Vv crazyfandomaddicted

One time, my dad and I were living the grocery store
and there was a guy outside asking for money to buy
some stuff to take home for his kids. It was around
Christmas time. My dad asked him if he could give
him groceries instead of money, and the guy
immediately said yes, so my dad gave him one of
everything we bought (meat, rice, some chocolates,
milk, oil). At that time, my dad hadn't gotten his
paycheck because the company he worked for was
going through a tough time, but he didn’t care, he saw
an opportunity to help someone and he did.

Another time, my dad gave 50 bucks to a guy who
said he needed to buy medicine for his kids. I told my
dad he was probably going to spend the money on
alcohol or something, but my dad said that “whether
he was lying or not says something about HIS
character, but hearing someone in need and choosing
not to help when I have the means to says something
about mine”.

I never forget that.

LB: "Whether he was lying or not says something about HIS character, but hearing someone in need and choosing not to help when I have the means says something about MINE."

@noelle @hummingrain oh boy that's some convicting words right there. Damn.

@scarfwitch @noelle @hummingrain Omg I’m crying at 5:15 in the morning. Thank you for sharing this

@nex3 It reminds me of something my dad taught me in the cold new england winters:

If someone steals your hat or your gloves, they probably need them a lot more than you do.

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