the idea of this being a scam is baffling to me. who would scam you for $20 worth of groceries other than someone who actually needs $20 worth of groceries???


Do good recklessly.


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LB: "Whether he was lying or not says something about HIS character, but hearing someone in need and choosing not to help when I have the means says something about MINE."

@noelle @hummingrain oh boy that's some convicting words right there. Damn.

@scarfwitch @noelle @hummingrain Omg I’m crying at 5:15 in the morning. Thank you for sharing this

@nex3 It reminds me of something my dad taught me in the cold new england winters:

If someone steals your hat or your gloves, they probably need them a lot more than you do.

@nex3 some people think that helping strangers is morally wrong.

@popefucker @nex3 It's not helping which they think is morally wrong. It's the moral of falling for a scam which they have an issue with.

In the age where people lack or have low empathy. Showing different perspective, asking to be more empathetic helps. The shared toot is a prime example here.

@wonderdon @nex3 no, I think some people really think that helping others is morally wrong.

"You shouldn't give money to homeless people, if you do they will have no reason to get a job" and other such vile nonsense.

@popefucker @nex3
Yeah... this example is correct. I have seen news where they prosecute or even use robots to deter them.

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