tear down Disney, throw every scrap of IP it owns into the public domain, and use its cash reserves as public arts funding

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this is my official take on every past and future Star Wars, Marvel, and Pixar film until we finally make this a reality

it is a cruel lie we are told that Bob Iger deserves to own Captain America and we do not

@nex3 "public arts funding" is just a rich-kids subsidy. Burn things down, and bury the ashes.

@alrs I couldn't disagree more. The history of defunding public arts programs in the US is the history of handing our culture over to corporate masters.

@alrs I'm not sure what non-profit social justice orgs have to do with public arts funding

@nex3 if someone campaigned on this, they'd have my vote.

@nex3 Can we have the animators keep their tools, maybe the studio become employee owned like it ought to be, and just get rid of the moneyed interests at the top that keep screwing with copyright law in order to extend their IP and keep it out of public domain? You know, the French Revolution didn't put the royal barbers out of business, it just took a little off the top of royalty.

@FASA_Andrew_1879 yeah the existing Disney rank and file should have preferential access to the public arts funding to bootstrap worker collectives for sure

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