"Language skills are a stronger predictor of programming ability than math knowledge" as I have been saying for years phys.org/news/2020-03-math-per


good programming is the practice of communicating ideas clearly in a context where precision is enforced

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lots of people are QTing this with stuff like "yeah programming languages have grammars etc!" which imo is missing the point. perhaps counterintuitively, the programming skill that matters isn't understanding how to tell a machine what to do in a way that works

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even mediocre programmers can write a program that RUNS. what distinguishes a skilled programmer isn't how well they talk to the machine, it's how well they talk to the other people who will read/write/use the code

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this communication is largely done in the medium of code (although design communication and documentation are also vital), but I consider the ability to express ideas in a medium that's not natural language to still essentially be a language skill

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@nex3 Similarly, any programmer can write a complex application. What requires skill is writing a simple application, and having it still meet the requirements.


Also interesting, as someone learning french:

"Prat showed that patterns of neural activity while the brain is at rest can predict up to 60% of the variability in the speed with which someone can learn a second language (in that case, French)."

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