capitalism frames "the economy" like some kind of vengeful god that must be satiated, with blood if necessary, lest it render its baleful judgment upon humanity. in fall we'll feed it the blood of children

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but WHY must we keep "the economy" happy? COVID-19 is bad, but there's no famine and no shortage of viable housing. human needs could still be met even if most people did nothing at all for a full year

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the answer is that "the economy" is a misdirect; it's a way of reframing the normal flow of capital (wealth accruing to the already-wealthy) as an objective scientific necessity

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@nex3 It's a way to make us forget about people so that politicians can make us accept all kinds of corporate welfare. Trickle-down economics is implicit in the language, even. If we keep "the economy" healthy, that automatically benefits the people we want to help.

Which gives us a way to combat it: refuse to talk about "the economy", instead only talking about people. "How does this help families who need to buy groceries?" or whatever.

@nex3 also calling it “mammon” gives the game away

@nex3 Antitrust economist Matt Stoller would agree with you...

I like his newsletter "Big":

@nex3 but how jeff supposed to buy yacht #91 if line dont go up

@nex3 ah, yes, we're all poor because *checks notes* farms are being forced to destroy food because they can't sell it


Our overlords really don't like what we get up to when they let us "do nothing," though.

@nex3 reminder that farmers were told to throw their produce away instead of redistributing it, so if there's food shortage we definitely can blame the government directly

@nex3 If you live in a country with a functioning corporate tax and social welfare system, then there is a large connection between the “economy” and how much welfare the government can afford. Other than that I completely agree with you.

@nex3 @stolas i wonder if all those ancient biblical goat and lamb sacrifices simply got collected by whichever dude was claiming to be “god” at the time.

@zensaiyuki @nex3

“As I understand it,” said Moist, “the gift of sausages reaches Offler by being fried, yes? And the spirit of the sausages ascends unto Offler by means of the smell? And then you eat the sausages?”

“Ah, no. Not exactly. Not at all,” said the young priest, who knew this one. “It might look like that to the uninitiated, but, as you say, the true sausagidity goes straight to Offler. He, of course, eats the spirit of the sausages. We eat the mere earthy shell, which, believe me, turns to dust and ashes in our mouths.”

“That would explain why the smell of sausages is always better than the actual sausage, then?” said Moist. “I’ve often noticed that.”

The priest was impressed. “Are you a theologian, sir?” he said.

(Quote from Going Postal, Terry Pratchett, sourced

@stolas @zensaiyuki @nex3 I so love Terry Pratchett! Thanks for bringing up that quote!

@nex3 Holy carp the economy is literally Black Goat. Night in the Woods was right! :blobscream:

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