eternally grateful to be living in a golden age of queer comics, and to people like for curating then into incredible anthologies

consider this official notice that if future queers want to claim me as a hypertrans exodyke or whatever I'm here for it

if we can't point to historical figures and say "they're like us" cishets will always claim them as cishet

"people in the past didn't conceive queer and trans identities in the same way we do" is a true statement that 90% of the time is deployed to stifle discussion of historical queerness

we say that only men were on stage in Shakespeare's time, but it's important to remember that people who would today consider themselves trans women would certainly have gravitated to women's roles

@bstacey Hamlet is Lion King fanfic, which is a time paradox, but that's all in keeping with his Homestuck fanfic anyway

well, his comedies. his tragedies would ALSO be thinly-veiled bisexual Homestuck fan fiction, but they'd have straightforwardly descriptive names and they'd make you cry so hard

all this is to support my overarching thesis that if Shakespeare were alive today, his plays would be thinly-veiled bisexual Homestuck fan fiction with titles like "It Do Be That Way" and "Whomst'd've"

I also appreciate that all these titles roughly translate to "Fuckin', Whatever I Guess"

Shakespeare naming a bunch of his comedies after common idioms ("All's Well That Ends Well", "As You Like It", "Much Ado About Nothing", "What You Will") is exactly the same as modern sitcoms using goofy naming conventions for their episodes

everyone please appreciate this amazing cubisty facial expression from the FTL Y'all story by

*hears a weird noise* OH SHIT WHAT'S THAT, oh my god, are we under attack?! fuck fuck fuck I have to go make sure

*sees an entire helicopter with enemy insignia land down the road* ehhhh it's probably fine

let it be known that around 3:50 AM, when I should have been in bed hours ago, I performed the first ever successful and correct invocation of a Sass function from another module

My β˜…β˜…Β½ review of Se7en on Letterboxd (contains spoilers)

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