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Natalie Weizenbaum

I don't suppose any of my Pittsburgh friends are heading near Philadelphia or New York in the next couple weeks? or Seattle I guess

Any common mistakes that you've seen beginner programmers make? — They consider functionality primary over aesthetics and emotion.

What does a typical work day look like for you? — I usually spend about half my day checking email and responding to stuff people have asked of me,...

Do you have a well defined process for writing a piece of code? If so, can you describe it? — It really depends on the code. Sometimes I'll go test-first and build the algorithm to make the t...

How is living in Seattle for someone without a car? — It's a very bussable city in general, although it helps a lot that my wife does drive

How would you try to convince someone that is anti-LGBTQ to change their views? — I don't have any fucking time to argue with bigots

What does Google use for the front end of Google Search? — A lot of different stuff I'd imagine, but I don't work on that so I don't really know

Fav musician? — Janelle Monae springs most readily to mind but the real answer is probably different people for d...

You just went to the UK right? What was the best scotch? Was it the most fun scotch or are those different? — The best scotch was probably the Ardbeg Very Young, which is tragically almost impossible to find...

Would you have sex with someone if you had a bowling ball stuck on your big toe if the other person was hot and you like them? — Absolutely, that seems like a pretty straightforward thing to work around tbh

once I'm done with that, I'm going to start on a non-violent deck-building roguelike about teaching a tower full of unkempt monsters to take better care of themselves. I call it Shea the Spire

please look forward to my upcoming wild west mech game, Cattletech

I usually consider it kind of crass to complain about a series running out of ideas, but come ON

I can't believe there are two separate unrelated evolution lines of fire monkey Pokémon

during pride month, the subway recordings should say "stand queer of the closing doors"


one of the few good things about elon musk is that even billions of dollars can’t buy you a functional iron man sui…


Hey Twitter! I'm about to go on a personal trip for 2 weeks, so I'll be away from home! I'm downloading a *ton* of…