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Finding more and more people who’s blogs don’t have RSS feeds which sucks for me and them because guess how I follow and consume content

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Thanks to the work of Samuel Holland, crust advanced power management is now capable of running the #PinePhone for 100hrs in idle without the modem (approximately 110mW). With modem on, we should get 40% battery run-time increase (to approx 24 hrs).
Coming to your distro of choice soon!

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Pixelfed for Android and iOS is in active development.

We'll be looking for beta testers next month!

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Choose all the ones you use:

Boosts welcome!

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I never thought that wanting a general purpose computing device would make me a dinosaur in today's computing environment, but here we are. "Post PC" world, why would anyone want a computer other than developers, just do everything in the cloud, etc.

I never thought we'd be clamoring for the days of timesharing systems and terminals, but we're not only moving in that direction but we're paving the way.

It makes me feel like we've seen the future and thought "that's too hard" and moved away.

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Yikes, a scary email phishing attempt for this person’s GitHub credentials. Shows how using a browser web extension for your password manager can help detect this by its autofilling.


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@amolith @mike @kelbot get the thinkpad. always get the thinkpad. and not the weird :blobcatfakeverified: ideapad type things lenovo tries to hawk. just the T-series (or i guess E series if you are desperate but i don't know if those are good) and then the long-ass service contract.

they like to go on sale sometimes and you can get a tankpad for ~1k$ that includes them driving to your house if the machine somehow still fucks up.
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@sir @lanodan imagine if any other business accepted the things software engineering accepts?

"Yeah sometimes your car doors just won't open. Restart it and see if that helps".

"We couldn't make this fridge run on the west coast power grid so we shipped it together with a complete miniature power grid that the user can dock into their kitchen."

"I know this microwave uses 4000W but have you seen the pretty UI?"

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Here’s a flippin’ clue for FREE.

If you are deving XMPP, 99% of users want to have OMEMO and OpenPGP. Up front. Activated. Standard. Working. Transparently.


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Against strong recommendations by , does not publish their tracing app as . This is counterproductive: keeping the app proprietary eliminates transparency, effective reviews and trust.

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¡Nice! In my workshops I promote as a brilliant app for beginners and experts that you can use to contribute to @openstreetmap while enjoying a geocaching-like adventure at the same time. And that my only feature request would be some gamification e.g. with "awards" or "achievements" to motivate even more people to contribute.

Now I realise this has been implemented since version 19 \°/

Thank you Tobias Zwick!

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It's about time we stopped buying into the propaganda phrase "ad blockers", and started calling user-protection tools like #uBlockOrigin and #NoScript what they are; spy blockers. If I display ads on my website using HTML and CSS, spy blockers won't block those. As far as they know, the text, images, audio, or video that make up the ads could be anything. So what's really being blocked is not ads, but tracking. Thanks to the authors of this site, for pointing this out:

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I noticed a website I use has a 16KiB *javascript* thats sole job is to download the "best" favicon.ico format for my specific browser. A typical favicon is around 1KiB. What a collosal waste of energy and time the www has become.

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@bortzmeyer pour en ajouter, il existe nombre de licences qui rendent le logiciel "transparent" (il est possible d'en étudier le code) mais pas du tout libre (on ne peut ni le modifier ni le redistribuer). Je trouve le qualificatif libre bien plus adapté et transparent dans sa signification.

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#Facebook just bought #Mapillary.

Move your images to a #FOSS *community run* project instead! How? Simple:

1. Download your images:

2. Upload to #OpenStreetCam:

3. Enjoy giving a giant, fat middle finger to #Zuckerberg. 🌻 🌈 🌻

4. Boost and have a nice day!

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Official Android 10 for my OnePlus 5t (2017) has arrived! 🎉

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Et si on disait juste #merci aux développeuses et développeurs de logiciels libres ?

Parce que moi, je ne développe rien du tout mais j'utilise, avec grande satisfaction, depuis des années des logiciels libres, j'en fait la promotion et je vois leur pertinence et leur utilité. Tous les jours.

Alors, qui que vous soyez, MERCI pour votre travail, passion, engagement !


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Jump in the urinal and stand on your head.
I'm the one that's alive. You're all dead.

- a fantastic book I recommend. Can't put it down!

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Apple crushes one-man repair shop in Norway’s Supreme Court. This is terrible, we can't allow huge companies to block third parties from repairing their devices! All it does is waste resources, patronize consumers and stifle competition.


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