Have you guys heard about #Session? It's a brand new private messenger that doesn't require a phone number. I've just added my Session ID to my profile if you'd like to get in touch / try it out 😉 #GetSession

@nezhac I've heard about Conversations but I don't know anyone who actually uses it. Which is funny because nobody seems to be using Session too. I guess I'll have to stick with Signal to chat with my nontechnical friends.

@michal this is always a problem when trying to start a new network or protocol, in the beginning few people are using it. I don't know any better way than spreading awareness starting with friends. The reason I pointed out is because the structure of the network is federated, anyone can run their own server, similar to mastodon, making the network more censorship resistant. Session seems to be centralised, they control all the nodes. Do you have any more info on it?


> this is always a problem when trying to start a new network or protocol

Thing with #XMPP is, it has saved me from stampeding from one #proprietary #chat to another every five or so years every time a new product becomes fashionable.

My current personal #JID is from 2008, my previous one from 2000. Not quite as venerable as my email (sometime in the 90s) but close.


@0 @michal now that's a good point I haven't thought about! I've only been on the xmpp network for a few years, so I'll look forwards to the next decade

I still didn't find a way to convince anyone to xmpp. What would be a best one reason to give to a regular person in your opinion? Cause people don't care about privacy or censorship resistance.
@0 @michal


@rogatywieszcz @0 @michal it's generally not an easy task if privacy or surveillance isn't a concern. I find it's best to avoid lecturing people, which is hard when convincing someone to use a more privacy respecting service. One of the simplest approaches is to say it bothers me and I'd prefer our communications to be private, would you be willing to try this out?

Yeah same approach here. It's a slow process but I believe the only working.
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