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yo, anyone know where I can get a copy of the Ernie Bushmiller "Tarot of Nancy"

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and like, that’s really only like 60% wrong.

Every time someone posts another thing about that Elizabeth Holmes person my brain tries to be like “wasn’t she the one going after those infinity stones??”

So word on the street is there’s some kinda lying huckster making the rounds with irresponsible ignorance about mental health! Don’t link that Johann Hari thing. (In-line rundown: More links and context:

Oh man, Google + shutdown notice in my email. Remember Google +? Remember Google Wave? (Remember Buzz?)

Does anyone else feel like the rebooted Nancy has a certain loose family resemblance to Cat and Girl?

Hey FYI the Apple site’s clearance section has iPhone SEs back in stock. $300 for 128gb unlocked.

Bitch has been MIA for a FULL YEAR AND A HALF, we figured he was gone for good after they developed the field he used to live in. Wow.

RUTH JUST SAW BRUCE ON SAN RAFAEL, WHAT THE FUCK!!!!! She got photos and we compared side-by-side with some old ones, this is NOT a drill 🙀

@jimpjorps @alahmnat exactly. Several hundred years of everyone having Frinkiac in their brain and no one can communicate outside of Simpsons quotes anymore

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