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"A constitution is not a parchment of paper, it is a way of life...Eternal vigilance is the price of liberty...., its only keepers are the people. Imbecility of men, history teaches us, always invites the impudence of power.”
- Justice HR Khanna

At this rate Jack will be running from Bhopal on bjp ticket come next election.

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- Industrial production contracts 4.3% in September, lowest in 8 years.
- Livemint headline said, New Low for the economy.
- GDP may fall below 5% (Modi Govt may revise the calculation formula to fudge this)

Keep on Bharat Mata Ki Jai. Jai Shri Ram. Jawan fighting on border.

Apart from the blue tick emoji some people have in their name, you know what else is a relic of the birdsite? Moral policing.

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I wonder if the people joining Mastodon from India also have an appetite for ditching more of the capitalist internet, because there are replacements for many more things than just twitter.

For example, no need to use google maps when you can add detail of even things like footpaths in your town to OpenStreetMap :

The Switching Software website contains an ever-growing list of ethical alternatives for many things:

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@BhavanaVarun I don't think they could ban @Mastodon even if they wanted to. They could block on ISP level, but there are over 2,000 other ones, and they couldn't stop new Mastodon servers from popping up.

As if muslims needed permission to build whatever in alternate land they own?

Sec144 from 7am means can't assemble in football grounds also for Saturday morning game?

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If the admins of Instance1 BLOCK Instance2, the users of Instance1 cannot interact the users of Instance2

If the admins of Instance1 SILENCE Instance2, the users of Instance1 can still privately follow and interact the users of Instance2, but those interactions (like boosts) will not be seen by the other users of Instance1

To be more clear: BLOCKING is used for instances that permits horrible things and behaviours and SILENCING is used for instances that your Instance tolerate but doesn't appreciate so much.

The same things are appliable to users.

Also you, as simple user, can decide to block or silence (for your eyes only) other users and entire Instances.

#instructions #help

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After 3-Year Delay, Government Releases Farmer Suicide Data

Released on the eve of Kartarpur and Ram Mandir judgement so it gets lost in the din.

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I hope the judgement will be so confusing that no one understands it actually.

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One thing I love about the Fediverse is that with every new migration, the newcomers almost instantly *get it,* and you see tons of posts about how Mastodon should not allow influencers and big media personalities to take over this place like they did with Twitter.

It's really cool how this is almost always instantly and intuitively understood despite the differences inherent in each migration.

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Fadnavis resigns.

Birdsite - 0
His Tuskiness - 1

Since AltNews is not here, fun fact: Mastodon elephant is based on the emblem of Kerala govt., which itself is based on the coat of arms of the Royal House of Travancore.

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All democratically elected governments & various departments should move all their official communication and online helplines gradually to instances run in servers paid by taxpayer money and run on rules outlined by the respective legislative assemblies with official mods and redressal mechanisms. Relying on multinational advertising corporations for communication with public is just bizarre.

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@oldmonk84 @yehlog It doesn't have to be a corporate structure, no? Once the user base is large enough, agencies will suggest celebrities to have official accounts here, naturally a % of fediverse will follow them, and over time they'll monetise or promote stuff through their (this) platform. They'll do engagement with fans. The line between engagement and promotion is thin here. Classic content marketing, which is already, along with the rise of privacy & subscription services, gaining on ppc.

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@cyberjunkie @vincentvikram Would disagree. Migrating to a different instance only means 1) your data is stored in a different server - which as long as you trust the host - is fine 2) ppl in other instances will see handle@<domain> as your handle 3) different moderators - which is good, so power is not vested in one authority/team 4) better codes of conduct - which is good because mastadon's default code of conduct can be improved upon to include region/language specific abuse/hate guidelines.

Sane heads in birdsite India decided it's Mastodon and not Diaspora, but it could as well have been Diaspora if the coin flip landed differently. I bet some mallus were waiting in Diaspora also, drinking tea, and waiting for everyone else to show up.

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