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1995: The movie "Hackers" was released. It grossed $7 million at the box office.

Crash Override.
Acid Burn.
Hack the Gibson!


I've been thinking about writing a headless server for a couple of weeks now.

Looking for a good home for the domain

Really excited to play the Endless Space 2: Awakening expansion tonight!

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"How I Lost My $50,000 Twitter Username"

The important bit here isn't Twitter or how much the username was worth, but how the attack was carried out

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Capitalist: Capitalism is great, it just works

Me: Let's do some Capitalisms, but what happens if there's a market crash

Capitalist: lol no worries we're always bailed out by public money

Me: but that's totally socialism


Really debating adding a bot account for to toot certificate errors it finds on mastodon instances like with

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Me, a web developer, hiding under the bed:

Armed robber: ...

Me: ...

Armed robber: ...

Me: ...

Armed robber: Sometimes Twitter memes are a bit weird

me: (monica voice)I KNOW!

AWS east is out for the count and chunks of the internet are having issues. Boo.

TIL Nicholas Cage owns a New Orleans tomb because he thought/thinks he is cursed.

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