I'm going to try migrating this account over to the appdot.net instance: @nguarracino@appdot.net

Let's see how it goes...

My daughter's school has characters painted on the walls, with each wing following a different theme: dinosaurs, fish, etc. Her hallway is birds. Let's see what @minego thinks of this one.

Agile planning today and tomorrow. Will do my best to stay awake, but no guarantees.

This festival has baklava ice cream sundaes. Absolutely brilliant.

I shook hands with my senator while we were waiting in line for grilled meat.

Off to the local Greek festival. Grilled meat as far as the eye can see.

Good morning. Today is a holiday in the US. I've already seen several work emails from US-based workers. This is not OK, people.

Man, I totally missed the whole wilw situation yesterday. What a mess. Maybe this is not the place I thought it was.

(Half day today because of the heat, btw. Man, it's a hot one...)

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Hey fellow nerds: HQ today is all about tech trivia.

My wife just got home from the farmer's market with fresh tomatoes, homemade pesto, mozzarella, and olive bread. Tastes like summer.

CSS grumble 

Me, most of the time: "I think I have a grasp on what this code does."

Me, with CSS: "Perhaps if I comment out these lines the gods will be pleased with my sacrifice."

I was stuck on a problem at work on Friday afternoon. As usual, the solution came to me over the weekend while I wasn't even thinking about it. Came in Monday morning and had it fixed in 10 minutes. Amazing how frequently that happens.

Happiness is... not having any snacks/lunches to make for tomorrow.

Hulu now notifies you when a show you like is starting. That's a nice touch!

Good morning! Have to take my eight-year-old to the dentist for a cavity shortly.

Fun fact: I've never had a cavity.

That is the full extent of anything "fun" in my medical history. It's all downhill from there.

Good morning! Coffee has (somewhat) kicked in. Off to kindergarten registration for our youngest...

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