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I write books () I make games () and my first properly-published novel is 86% funded at Unbound! (

Dropped my iPhone in the toilet. And frankly should have left it there

straight up DO NOT understand people who earn £100k+ a year and think it's totally fine that people they work with earn a fifth of that


@niall_slater I wanna say... decadent validation seeker with cheap taste

89% today!!!! I'm so excited to get to 100 and find out who the fuck I was before this thing started

Only got two and a half hours of work then I can go home and be a useless lump and play PUBG

Gdi I need a haircut so bad but I just can't be arsed

i took the day off yesterday so i wouldn't get too ill but i'm at work today and i'm WORSE

I did it! I made my first pull request! I'm a grownup programming man

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In line at the pharmacy getting the morning after pill wooooo

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