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Mathieu Kerjouan

Prochain Meetup #BSD #Rennes le lundi 27 novembre! Au programme, de la gestion de stockage et de la programmation C! #FreeBSD

◽️ don't forget to read
◽️ opengrok is your friend ​
◽️ github too
◽️ but your best friend remains OpenBSD man page

during read:
◽️ ask question if you're lost or you don't understand something
◽️ take time to "articulate" your thought
◽️ answer: what its doing? what is the purpose?
◽️ try to avoid reading line by line
◽️ don't be afraid, we don't eat humans

some advice before reading:
◽️ read source and take note ~1 week before
◽️ play with source (modify/compile/run)
◽️ search for history and read commit
◽️ list all links, resources and references
◽️ plan ~2 hours for the d-day
◽️ ask questions!

My first -daily experience! Its a bit hard to switch from C code, man page and IRC, but, its pretty cool! You'll learn a lot! thanks @mulander! I will read the next part tomorrow :)

Next -daily @ freenode on 2017-11-09 19:00 UTC by @niamtokik reading /bin/cat - feel welcome to drop by! :)

Les vidéos du dernier meetup sont enfin disponibles! On les pousse d'abord sur un mirroir, on s'occupe des autres plateformes après! :)

At #FOSDEM last year we ( #HaikuOS ) shared a booth with #ReactOS. We'll try again this year. We could probably share some table space with #OpenBSD or #NetBSD if someone is interested.

Or you could try to sneak in the FreeBSD booth that's likely going to be accepted as every year ;-)

deadline is 3/11:

cc @stsp @phessler @niamtokik

N'oubliez pas, lundi 30 octobre, #BSD Meetup! Au programme:
#nanobsd et #bsd router project avec @gugus
• un retour d'expérience sur #OpenBSD et #FreeBSD avec patrick
• comment et pourquoi créer son réseau avec OpenBSD et des logiciels open-sources avec @petrus.
Ça se passe sur #Rennes #Bretagne #OSS

@lattera My bad, I'm building with the last git version on 11.1-STABLE.

Hi @lattera!
I can't build HardenedBSD with VIMAGE support. Build crash in /usr/src/sys/kern/kern_thread.c:103:1. No problem with GENERIC kernel. any idea? :)

Remember, folks: had jails while was still in elementary school.

Prochain Meetup BSD Rennes annoncé! Ça va parler de FreeBSD, OpenBSD, et probablement de pleins d'autres sujets passionnants! Venez nombreux! :)

Tomorrow, I start writing the CFT, which will include full documentation regarding the current design and future of the work.