Have a Merry Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!

"Integrated circuits will lead to such wonders as home computers - or at least terminals connected to a central computer - automatic controls for automobiles, and personal portable communications equipment. The electronic wristwatch needs only a display to be feasible today." - Gordon E. Moore (1965)

I learned a lot in the 30 days of lab access. I can highly recommend doing all the exercises and the lab report! πŸ™‚

"remember, libraries are written by programmers, not security experts [...] a single dev putting vulnerable code in their app means one app is affected. A single dev putting vulnerable code in their library, and then 1000 devs using that library in their app means 1000 apps are now affected. Also even if the library dev fixes the library, he has no way of pushing the update out to those apps, it's up to the individual devs to do it" - someone of the InfoSec Prep community on Discord

I tried to hijack my own DJI Tello drone using aireplay-ng to generate deauth packets. As a result, the app prompts an overheat warning and the drone immediately lands.

I achieved the rank of Pro Hacker ... preparing Champagne and Caviar πŸŽ‰
I definitely will do a write-up of Ghoul.

A pentest that does not reveal any XXS isn't a proper pentest.

How to (not) patch a command injection vulnerability: if( $http_user_agent ~* "curl"){ return 403; } twitter.com/RedTeamPT/status/1

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