as the last living person on social I declare myself king of the wasteland, no one may challenge me

currently very annoyed about a Night in the Woods spoiler that I just read AMA

I can't really tell what's happening here anymore but everyone seems to be having a good time so I guess it doesn't matter

and by that I mean the people who literally never seem to take a break. they never seem to eat or sleep or watch a movie or read a book. they're just posting 24/7. I don't know how people do it and I'm not sure why people do it

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I'm fascinated by people who seem to be constantly online. I have no idea how they do it

folks if we have to know what Trump's dick looks like I'm glad at least we also got to find out what Batman's dick looks like. it balances things out

being a man of leisure sounds pretty great, actually

I mean, recite magic spells if it makes you feel better but don't pay someone literally hundreds of dollars an hour to write them for you

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like it's a great show but I'd wish they show a little more skepticism about people who are literally paying someone to write magic spells for them

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watching Afflicted on Netflix and I'm getting actually furious when these people who clearly have something psychologically wrong with them get taken advantage of by faith healing nonsense and homeopathic bullshit

just to clarify, I'm sure it is just about lashing out at minorities. I'm just curious as to what the pretext is this time

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sorry I should have added an extremely boring content warning

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as someone who really likes comic books I'm terrified to ask on twitter what comicsgate is about because I'm sure my mentions will be flooded by the actual scum of the earth. like is there a specific complaint or is it just the usual lashing out at minorities

has everyone gone to another instance? am I literally the last person on social

I've followed everyone on this site at least five times

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