Just bought the new Pokémon and the guide for it. What am I, 8 years old!? Haha

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Welcome our newest awardees! 🎉





And our first awardee of the second reward, for keeping up with their new blog!


The #makeablog initiative has brought 30 new blogs to the internet, all based on free and open source technologies - yours could be next: drewdevault.com/make-a-blog

The rate at witch I floss regularly is directly proportional to much I have my life in order

Man, YouTube really knows how to suck ya down a rabbit hole

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I got email all integrated to my site today! Feels super fun doing foundational stuff like this

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Gotta call the front desk, this stupid microwave won't give me back my hot pocket

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@codewiz @benoit you’re the two Japanese peeps I know on here so I thought you’d appreciate this :)

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RT @kathyra_@twitter.com

"so what should we name all these things that we connect to the internet?"

"internet of things"

"damn that's good. what about the big amounts of data they produce"

"big data"

"mark, you're a genius"

New AirPods! I don’t have AirPods now but might give these a try apple.com/airpods-pro/

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.  ________________
╱| ______________ ╱|
| |⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜|  |
| |⬜🌃⬜🚢⬜|  |
| |⬜⬜⬜⬜⬜|  |
|╱  ̄  ̄👬 ̄🏃  ̄ |╱
 ̄ ̄💃 ̄👭 ̄ ̄

The last 5 or so AirBnbs I booked, I always ended up thinking “Why didn’t I just get a hotel?” Gotta stop doing this

What is going on with the price of Bitcoin today!? Went from $7,500 to $10,000 in less than 24 hours

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