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I’ve been crying all day 😂 my brother a fool

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On this day in 1946: Sony founded.

First product: an electric rice cooker.

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@JonErlichman Reminds me how Nokia (yes, that Nokia) started out making rubber boots and car tires.

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You don't have a right to Facebook's server space.

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The road to socialism via inflation:

• Print money, crash the reserve currency, destroy savers, and force them into inflated assets.

• Asset inflation leads to inequality. Demonize asset holders and tax the nominal gains, thereby confiscating the real value of the assets.

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“They had come to a time when no one dared speak his mind.”

— George Orwell, Animal Farm

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And the hope of using AirTag to find a car inside parking garage is dead… Find My is having issue at this distance and only shows “connecting” on the UI 😅

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A human jumping on Earth (1g), Mars (0.38g), and the Moon (0.17g).

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Hundreds of thousands of people have come together to show the government we will not be silenced, locked up or lied to anymore.

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The separation of money and state is even more important.

Not everyone is religious, but everyone uses money. twitter.com/santiagoroel/statu

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