The Hacker News thread about @pixelfed is promising but about what I expected in regards to snark and other bits.

talks have been so good this year. Definitely the most technical conf I've been to in a little while.

I'm in Canberra for . There's some really interesting talks. I think I'm most interesting in the code auditing talks. I know the lock picking village is going to be great fun too.

Oh hey, it's Mastodon. I forgot about you.

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One man's journey from receipt of a #phishing email to intrusion into the attackers c2 server including full analysis of the infrastructure used. Followed ethical disclosure to authorities and affected companies to assist in shutdown. #infosec

The true winners of are Bundaberg rum and their ad about prime ministers knifing each other, which was starting to get stale.

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Every week I'm on a podcast called "Smashing Security" where we have a light-hearted discussion about the world of infosec.

In our latest episode, "Hacky sacky hack hack", we ask is your used car still connected to its old owner? Just how did Apple manage to identify the teenager hacker who stole 90GB of the firm's files? And why on earth would a firm of lawyers start producing pornographic videos?

Check it out:

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Back lifting weights today and it was good. Waking up 30 minutes earlier is so easy but makes such a big difference.

I've been missing a lot of jiu jitsu lately and it's such a crappy feeling! So keen to get back on the mats. At least Grapplers Guide and UFC TV can keep me company.

Just popped 100/100 for my two Arabic quizzes for this lesson.

Sometimes I just don't want to do my homework for Arabic but as I'm doing it I really enjoy it and really like the language learning process.

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So stoked that my Hans-Wehr dictionary arrived.

I feel like spending a bit of time with both React and Vue they just feel so similar and it's just a few terms/paradigms that change between projects. Maybe I'm getting old.

This is an interesting article about the DOD's concern about protecting software supply chains as more vendors exist, have and use products in the cloud and the threat landscape grows.

I do enjoy studying cryptography but reading about math can be damn hard sometimes.

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Ok I'm sure sex is good but have you ever had several hundred lines of Rust compile with no warnings or errors

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"Do I need to pay for Java"

tldr: only if you don't want to be hacked after Jan 2019

if you use some kind of oldschool Java webapp that uses Applets or JWS, ie, every corporation in existence and everyone who has to deal with a government, then almost certainly you will need to buy Oracle Java 8 patch support unless all the webapps YOU use have completely rewritten THEIR website front-end logic

or you could just let your Java 8 quietly turn into a virus magnet

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