I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: there is no better cocktail, as far as I’m concerned, than a negroni. It is perfect; it cannot be improved. Changed — yes — but not improved.

Tomorrow, on a party-line vote, Kavanaugh will likely be given a job for the rest of his life despite the credible testimony of the victim of attempted rape, the judge’s conspiratorial rant, and a majority of Americans not supporting his confirmation, all because Republicans can’t pass up an opportunity to restrict women’s rights.

Leftover night. Black bean torta. Homemade crema. Green tomato salsa fresca. Ancho mayo.

Republicans: “Barack Obama acted like a king and had too much power. Also, Brett Kavanaugh’s interpretation of extreme executive power with little accountability is good for the country and he should have a lifetime job.”

File under: things that will earn me unfathhomably stupid replies on Twitter.

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Instead of whining about how apparently persecuted they are when they’re criticized, perhaps Republicans should run better candidates on policies that a majority of people actually like and support.

“I would like a larger one bedroom or moderately-sized two bedroom apartment in reasonably good condition within a thirty minute walk of my workplace, please, for a non-asinine price.”

Calgary: “lol have you considered a 400 square foot place for $400/mo. more than you pay now?”

Me: “uhh”

Calgary: “it has granite countertops!”

Another exhibition proposal submitted. This is the one measured in tonnes.

One of the exhibition proposals I submitted earlier this year was approved for next year, so all my collaborator and I have to do now is actually make the art. No pressure.

A fun thing about pitching the kind of art that I do means that I get to begin estimating things in units I rarely use day-to-day, like terabytes and tonnes.

I stumbled across one of those companies that does own-brand food for cafeterias and whatnot, and it’s super strange to hear the same words — “products” and “solutions”, for example — used to describe food as, like, software or payment terminals.

My favourite part of travelling in Southeast Asia was eating all of the budget-friendly solutions.

It’s so smoky in Calgary that it’s possible to look directly into the sun.

My website’s host is doing goofy things again. I must remember to replace them this year.

On a related note, one thing I’m hoping is that, here, I’m not going to get web hosts trying to sell me their services.

Where do you go with your laptop or tablet when you need to focus on something you’re working on?

Maybe this is a me thing, but I feel like a dork sitting in a coffee shop. The only place I can think of is a library.

One thing I like about Mastodon (or Tootdon — I don’t know what’s platform and what’s client) is that I can create custom timelines with unique names.

I’m not saying that Trump’s lies are exclusively the product of the real estate industry, but it’s super common for developers to market buildings as having more floors than they really do. The Time Warner Center has 55 floors, but it is marketed as having 77; Trump Tower has 58 floors, but is marketed as 68. These are objective and obvious lies, but everyone just kinda goes with it because it’s so commonplace.

(I used the doof’s name so those with mute filters don’t see this.)

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