Many academics have a CV on their site. Often, a PDF. Is there a good reason to do that? I already have most of the information on my site and my ORCID (where I got my PhD, where I have worked, what I have published). I don't have a list of talks on either at the moment.


@twsh In this academic’s case, it helps me remember what I’ve done during my life (in terms of talks, etc.)

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@nickmofo My CV definitely plays that role for me. But I only send it to specific places when I need to.

@twsh If that works, sure. It helps me at least to have mine online, in HTML format, and none of the information in it is secret

@twsh So far no financial institution has had me set up a security question like “At what university did you give your first academic talk?”

@nickmofo Right. I think the only thing I would take off my 'private' CV is my phone number and referee's details.

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