Is there any Apple II emulator for Linux that supports copy-and-paste, so I can easily input short BASIC programs? I don't see support for it in MAME, linapple (which I can't get fully working anyway), or the otherwise lovely Apple ][js

A quick check on GitHub shows that Apple ][js seems to handle a paste event, but I can't see how to send it one, because CTRL-V will just be passed in as CTRL-V, just as CTRL-G produces the BEL character

@nickmofo ctrl-shift-v? (That's what works for most Linux terminals.)

@phooky That does indeed work in the terminal I use, but not in any of these three emulators. And while I see that Apple ][js //jse has code to handle a paste event, I can't see any way to send it one, even from a right-click menu

@phooky Haha, Windows version written in AutoHotKey! But this may indeed work for me in Linux, thank you

@phooky Yay, with additional delay between keystrokes this works perfectly. Thank you!


@phooky Turns out a simpler solution for Apple ][js is to select text and middle-click to paste the selection

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