I've written a Q&A about Amazing Quest, my controversial (or maybe just despised?) BASIC game which just was rated 98th out of 103 in the Interactive Fiction Competition

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Spoilers for Amazing Quest 


If AQ is experienced as a parody of, and a slap in the face of, these kinds of meaningless shenanigans:

then AQ is a brilliant treasure of the dharma eye to be cherished muchly.

If AQ is experienced as if itself is a perpetuator of that kind of shenanigans then AQ is arguably not so hot.

(That “if by AQ…” question is not to be determined by me as reviewer or NM as creator, but by each person who approach it. Hence the “is experienced as” rather than the “is meant as”.)

If AQ had presented itself in a way where it was clear how it was setup, how it worked, then the notion of the odyssey, of experiencing it ludically and joyfully would’ve been in the forefront. The amount of time I’ve spent on my own with the dungeon tables at the end of the AD&D1e DMG is…♥♥ But that’s not how the game was presented.

re: Spoilers for Amazing Quest 

@nickmofo To be fair to Gaohmee, a lot of —maybe even more than half — of stuff in that 2017 thread are compeltely kosher, or harmless, or even cool. But a handful things in her thread are like “wait, that’s… I wouldn’t’ve played the game if I knew! Give me my time back! Come to me now, you know we’re so alone and life is brief.”

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