My computer-generated book GOLEM 

Coming in a few days from Dead Alive's New Sight imprint, available for pre-order now!

“Like all great art, unraveling the secret of Nick Montfort’s Golem…reads us into its riddle.…Golem is an astonishingly rich work of text generation” @zachwhalen

“A rewarding expedition on the branching paths that connect grammar and code…sonorous lexical and syntactic counterpoint” @aparrish

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re: My computer-generated book GOLEM 

@nickmofo Did you read it yourself yet? What did you think?

re: My computer-generated book GOLEM 

@Sandra I do read my computer-generated literary books, and in this case besides reading it at different points as I revised the generating code, I read the final book aloud. I did that with The Truelist as well

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