Please enjoy 1001 BASIC Games, A Novel

The generating code is a one-line Apple //e or //c program of maximal length:


The latest from my micropress Bad Quarto is 10,000 Apotropaic Variations by @aparrish, just in time for Halloween. A set of 50 pamphlets, each with 200 computer-generated magic, protective words

In the 60s Eric Mendoza produced some of the first computer-generated stories & essays, the Little Grey Rabbit stories and High Entropy Essays. These have been newly reimplemented by Wayne Clements who also has a new paper, How to Resuscitate a Dead Rabbit

As far as I know this 31-character shell script is the first artwork of mine to be recorded in the blockchain. "Lines Up" is part of the Summer 2020 Undocumented Events and Object Permanence /ueop/2-20.php The artwork here is the script, which you can use if you happen to have the same mail setup as me; the output is just what I got

Wonderful new project by Ekene Ijeoma is now out—give a listen, participate! It's a voice portrait of the US (beginning in NYC) in the framework of counting to 100, using as many languages as possible that are spoken by our neighbors

This is a truly bizarre and fascinating computational project involving BBC BASIC and finally wrapped up into a GIF 89a; along with songs by the Velvet Underground and the Pixies, my project Curveship was even implicated in its making

Very nice to see this article up on the MIT site covering some of my art & poetry projects

Today’s prompt from

To make sense is to be clear and intelligible, but what was there before sense was made, and what is sense made out of? Language, or the world? Sense is meaning; also feeling, sensation. The MBTI contrasts “sensing” with “intuitive.” The former is concrete, the latter abstract. Do you sense this discussion makes sense, or am I asking you to intuit something you’d rather be experiencing through sense? Should I have marked this media as sensitive?

I continue to obey whatever Straight Strategies prompts me to do. This was today’s prompt; I recorded quarters jingling and dollar bills rustling to help me obey it, and listened to that repeatedly

Yesterday I got this prompt from “Straight Strategies,” and used the system as intended — I followed the prompt. I read about psychometrics for a while online and subjected myself to a situational judgment test used for retail/business employment screening in the UK. My mind was measured in the 76th %ile

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My “Straight Strategies,” prompted by Eno & Schmidt’s “Oblique Strategies,” offers 6811 prompts combining the most frequent verbs & nouns in English, plus some ambient music, in a 2KB web page

Please enjoy my digital poem “Infillers,” in which infill buildings are constructed out of filler words; it is of course FLOSS and you are welcome to hack away at it

A mysterious interlocutor exchanges words with you as you type to it. A (FLOSS) project in 2KB of code by Sofian Audry in Taper

A tiny text generator (2kb) produces altered versions of the beginning of Beckett's Worstword Ho by Milton Laufer; "View page source..." to read his statement about the piece

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