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This Silicon Valley Startup Wants to Replace Morals and Personal Accountability with a Subscription-Based Service.

well it looks like you can't just easily self-distribute an .apk for mobile vr platforms so i guess watch this space for a legit vr app published on gearvr, oculus go, and google vr storefronts, with an achievement and everything lol.

possessions, new toys, folk almanacs, and material things won't make you a better or different person.

*leans closer*
the problem is still you.

*lowers voice*
that is your deliverance.

i get a real pleasure watching people on fixies struggling to bike uphill.

i need your clothes
your toots
and your motorcycle.

i'm trying to right a wrong by spelling it esthetic rather than aesthetic, but i'm pushing against history here.

john harker in atari lynx's Dracula the Undead (1991) actually seems pretty low-key about all the spider-climbing and the mounting victorian horror.


first day of season 2018 bringing back all the hits: nearly getting run over by another, more arrogant cyclist; skidding & nearly spinning out to avoid a distracted pedestrian meandering into the bike lane.
never change MTL 😗👌

(please change by being safer)

"i'm not ashamed" as my epitaph
and "i'm a little bit ashamed" as my secret epitaph.

your art is Better Art if you have old music playing over it, like something from the 1920s or wtv.

fleabag went places i did not expect it to go.

one cannot be
all spice
to all things

campo santo: GO
valvey of the gods
team firewatch 2

no i haven't gotten out of bed yet.

accidentally filed gabriel knight ii: the beast within under "multiplayer" and suddenly the wheels are turning...

actually since there was no vape-0 technically 420 only starts on 421.

thinking of getting into turtlenecks to accentuate my strong jawline and this whole sort of, angular face situation.

oh man i just posted on tigsource and it felt *great*