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nick nick nick nick

if you're in NYC on nov 4-5, i've got a ticket to GaymerX if you'd like.

I Like the New Gooble Calendar UI, Though I Didn't Mind the Old One Either: A Toot.

~today in therapy~
where my anger goes, why i keep it in, where i'd like to let it out, where it ends up getting out anyway.

a particular point in spacetime where the terrace at dieu du ciel is being taken down, and the smoke from fairmount bagels warms your chest.

some days you get the bear
some days there's just peanut butter in the spoon and now there's a spoon in your mouth, i dunno.

"you are the nicest dog
the nicest dog
the nicest dog"
to the tune of NiN's
"perfect drug"

why won't you be my

my birdsite followers/following is close to the golden ratio so i guess i'll carry that like a beacon amidst the angst & weltschmerz.

proposed pluralisation:
a timeline of takes.

a picture of me but instead of me it's a picture of you.

paint me, jack.
paint me like one of your french paintings of the fifteenth through the eighteenth century.

starting to get the hang of ProBuilder for Unity and it's actually kinda exciting.

ah yes, that one man in every theatre who goes "hm!" when the credits roll as if to say "yes this confirms my hypothesis."

well okay i saw the blade runner but where the hell was wesley snipes.