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This Silicon Valley Startup Wants to Replace Morals and Personal Accountability with a Subscription-Based Service.

not delivery it's depression. Show more

not delivery it's depression. Show more

watched Looper with my pops and the little boy in that makes me very, very sad :(

it's good that we're burning the planet so that libertarians can invest in a new bubble.

there were two does in the field next to this train and i saw the does and the doe looked at me.

moment of acute panic as i'm three hours into this train ride and thought i'd forgotten the Switch at home for the 2½ weeks of holiday.

but i just touched it with my body, we're good.

~ III ~

"8 Things You Need to Know About Bitcoin: An Escape-Room with Guns"

~ II ~

"From Selfie to Wealthy: A Book I Will Kick You in the Shins for Literally Writing," by nick nick nick nick.

" which the lawyer for the defense will attempt to argue that murder is a form of protected speech."

til that Laval isn't really built for walking but christ on earth is it built for shopping.

diaspo & masto, federation friends.

"thanks BOB but i don't want 'donuts' [tsk], i want the real thing, i want doughnoughth'ts."

*walks into a&w*
gimme all the dads you got.