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This Silicon Valley Startup Wants to Replace Morals and Personal Accountability with a Subscription-Based Service.

genuinely don't understand where my need for this song is coming from, but i'm here to share these desires.

the gulf between youtuber prosody and the roman mars school of podcast prosody is stark and illuminating.

finally using steam's social features to comment "oh no" on all my friends buying gnog today.

gdc19's open for submission and i'm already looking forward to putting something together for .

i'd like to resurface this birdsite-toot, from our iOS release, which is again very relevant today.

ugh fossil fuels are the absolute worst, i wish someone would just burn them all with fire., hang on.

Here's a thing I haven't done in ages: did you know you can buy my book of cyberpunk gonzo travel musings around the world?

well well, 8am monday morning and i'm already angry.

all builds are broken. i should make some coffee.


here goes nothing.