q: what advice would you have for ppl nearing graduation who are interested in making games?

a: come watch me attempt our third port onto four new platforms for our year old game while the APIs go out of date and the updates deprecate half your work. also find a nice decaf tea.

update, i got angry at my door when i got home and jammed my thumb into it hard enough to temporarily disable my right hand. 👍👍

and of all the days to randomly grab bonfire of the vanities for a tofu press.

well i'm 35 and all i want to do is join a fight club so i guess that tracks.

do i defend my speaker friend in the youtube comments, or do i just continue striking my hand with a hammer

i just wish the tropico games would move back to pirate hoards and away from racist caricature

ha ha

just practicing for some mad™ marginals

"your gestalt, or mine"

ha ha, perfect 😗👌

toxic americanism as concomitant and synonymous with toxic masculinity.

managed to crunch my whole library down to one bookcase with what must be infuriatingly arbitrary organising principles and i'm genuinely chuffed at some of the transitions.

how much blue cheese is too much at a single meal?
* ¼
* ½
* 1
* let me live my life

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have occasionally tried to open FB in a tab out of habit, but luckily it looks like this time the deletion is for good not, "deleted until you visit the page again."

@nicknicknicknick Muay Thai is like that. I miss it. I miss my trainer asking me to hurt him

@nicknicknicknick a horrible thing about exercise is that you don’t have time for it until you do it. And then you increase your energy because your body expects to do it. And then when you can’t do it you feel in the worst comedown of your life

@nicknicknicknick that one minute span in a pubg match where the player count drops by like 30

@nicknicknicknick I don’t understand why men keep trying to say all aspects of masculinity are good when these men are acting out pain because of the shitty parts of masculinity

it's ostensibly a simple riddle, and none has ever been more important.

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