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like sketchfab but for viewing old bf1942 & ut levels online.

~battlefield 2018~
you play as a nonagenarian wwii vet with a heart condition, watching fascism rise from the crucible of capitalism as the world devours itself.

entire body exposed but my feet are under the covers so i am safe from ghosts

i would like in some new project of mine to do something where i could get some practice at level design and then i tell myself i'm probably two decades late in my own career to start that new branch of learning.

i quit zuckerbucks two weeks ago and my life has not regressed appreciably and definitely today i've started looking at twidder askance.

jenkins automation
you know how i feel
it's a new build
it's five new builds
it's five new builds with one click and i can just take the time
for me

and i'm feelin

*walks crosswise down stairs*

subscription services & dlc as built-in obsolescence, publish to medium.

just will not play viddo james unless narratologists or ludologists win, it doesn't make sense otherwise.

games are either lewd or nude, it's like nintendo v sega for academics.

"sir we're about to land on a slightly different planet, shall i send in veteran stormtroopers?"
*advances to transparisteel viewport*
"...invent an entirely new kind of troopers."
-star wars eps. 5, 6, 2, 3, 7, 8, &c

personally i think everyone should pee on the american president.

"political correctness" is such a dumb fucking sigil wielded by the powerful to continue harrassing minorities.

raise hands if ya had too many eggs, lord i'm in that zone 馃憢馃憢馃嵆馃

tired: making of the uncharted 2 train ride
wired: making of the shadows of the empire ord mantell junkyard hovertrain ride

there are five vr headsets at my workstation and six vr wands, this is the of .

well i've been awake since 2h30, with a 10-minute break to dream about losing my phone. this is suboptimal.

rather affected by this ~10min memory palace ep on how the fallout of an 1815 volcano changed economies, lives, politics, & culture.

remember the key to success is watching and boosting as much inspirational as possible; the key to success is to be seen as being successful.

is there a unity plugin or tool where i can be like, "hot tamales, do i use this script and/or enum literally anywhere in my entire massive, bloated project"?

excellent, good, i've found the most uncomfortable-looking oculus touch hand position.

congratulations ontario on sticking your head between your legs and eating your own shit, i guess.

apologies to & solidarity with literally everyone i know in the province, who will all be hurt by this tubgirl decision omg.

oh good, grand prix weekend, when montr茅al becomes crescent street.

today i made a point of learning about cricket! it's really not that hard, chums. it's like american baseball (int'l handglobe), with a cricket wicket instead of a catcher/dispatcher! (not wicket from stars wars!)

i just want to be wasted on absinthe and lost & alone in sleep no more again.

bouncer: i can't let you in.
me, an intellectual: maybe my friend TWENTY-ONE SNAKES can change your mind.

is there a sim game that doesn't involve farming yet, and when is the switch port

wow fallout 76 is four times bigger than fallout 4 that's like at least fallout 18, finally,,,

this games truly believe in diversity, that's why we support screen ratios like 21:9 and 2:1 in 4k

devs: games are more important than hollywood
devs: forget ethics or politics it's just a game

yesterday in e鲁: there will be more games, later.
today in e鲁: there will be more games, later.
tomorrow in e鲁: there will be more games, later.

i don't celebrate my birthday bc it's the day before NYE and no one is ever around for it. i was going to celebrate my half-birthday this year for the first time ever, and just realised it's the day before canada day and everyone's away on a three-day weekend.


銊堛儹鍑犮倝鍑靛窞銉㈠昂锞夈倝宸 锞夈倝 銊堛剼涔冦儮灏哄案鍑靛嚑銇

"you can't use google sketchup for a whole game, the tools are not made for this."

ho ho ho renaud have i got a surprise for..., well both of us.

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@nicknicknicknick yes there are many sims about not farming. I reviewed tram and bus simulator once. It was very bad

@nicknicknicknick yes but. also they have a deep incompetence that is fully alluring. Who made this? Who plays this? wtf? Etc

honestly... it's inspiring in a way. do we have a spreadsheet of all the things we're supposed to kvetch about? there's sleep no more, now also ask me about coleman francis

@nicknicknicknick actually I take that back. It鈥檚 not incompetence. Its that our side of games is so deeply concerned with fun and not processes. Sims totally disregard pleasure and aim for realistic difficulty and purity of process b

@nicknicknicknick I don鈥檛 know anything about kvetching unless it鈥檚 boys or tv related

@nicknicknicknick Me: "Poor kid has a summer birthday, I should celebrate his half-birthday instead so he can have a classroom party. Let's see, that would make it <does the math> ... the middle of Christmas break. DANGIT"

@gamehawk We came to celebrate half-birthdays for a different reason: a son and most of his friends had birthdays in the last 14 days of December. One my brothers has the same birthday and started celebrating in June.
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