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just imagining an e3 where every trailer is scored to Mad World, but no one realised beforehand.

come to think of it, all of the upcoming KO_OP announce trailers could (,should??) be scored to Mad World.

it's true what they say: you can take the boy out of the cape, but if you don't sever the head his madness will consume the earth for a thousand years.

2018 and each and every one of us has to learn how to be five gay friends to our friends.

god dammit how do i watch the world cup in my underwear, where is the twitch stream.

i'm not going to get a piercing that's not a bajoran piercing.

honestly i don't know why i did an image search for iftar but jesus christ.

an important thing to do in breath of the wild is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release horses that were used by bokoblins.

what is a programmer's favourite tea


this joke is not v good

i know what you're thinking
nick nick nick nick,
you say,
where is your $team developer homepage.
and i answer
you you you you,
i will not add free value to a platform that abnegates its responsibility behind an algorithm that generates plausible deniability.

any game or platform that claims to be the pinnacle of immersion but doesn't let me eat a whole actual turkey is corporate bullshit imho

any folks in montr茅al looking for a zz clipping? ol' frank beard/hanzo is getting too happy for the kit 'n ko offices!

ya boy had his dumb face hot-swapping between four headsets on five code branches today so yes he's gotta unwind.

it's the solstice so i'm just gonna stand on my balcony and laugh at the night.

i think i've finally accepted my role in the pubg community, which is that of scruffy oldtimer who shouts "bring back the fog maps" and just crushes a pabst.

i could use the Force to hold my phone above my face but would it also work on the touchscreen?

over time, 芦coders禄 are forgetting how to make anything without warren spector, creator of deus ex.

totally accurate battlegrounds features bicycles and (i think) tandem bicycles, which points to a serious oversight in other battles royale.

if you don't recoil in shame every time you throw out plastic i don't know what to tell you.

cars are bad
croissants are good
you actually can't argue any of this.

no no, silicon valley didn't just reinvent buses or libraries, they're privatising those services so they can price out undesirables.

terminator 2 taught me to trust many things:
family, dogs, the atari portfolio, guns n' roses, steelworkers unions.
anyone but cops and tech entrepreneurs.

from: nick
subject: suggestion

hello bezo
please do less business.


kial ne ciuj parolas esperanton, he mutters as he copies twenty achievement titles and descriptions in sixteen different languages from one spreadsheet to another, one by one.

pour out some soylent for all those startups that got sent to the great big ted talk in the sky.

no wonder messi isn't performing at this cup, he's sharlto copley.

fascism serves the rich, and the rich, in their turn, dutifully serve fascism.

it's around about that time in a canada day bbq when people start asking, hesitantly, for those leonard cohen party bangers.

seeking schematics and funding for my next piece: Torture Devices for the Extraction of Environmental Justice.

e.g., the Breaking upon the Wheel: in which the executive is struck with a steering wheel no fewer times than the number of smog days in los angeles.

happy america day friends, please rouse your country from this waking nightmare.

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previously his jaw was broken when our shuttle crashed returning to earth from mars; just now he was playing us off as the enterprise was handing over control of ds9 to major kira.

interesting, but not quite material for my Riker Album.

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