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bouncer: i can't let you in.
me, an intellectual: maybe my friend TWENTY-ONE SNAKES can change your mind.

is there a sim game that doesn't involve farming yet, and when is the switch port

wow fallout 76 is four times bigger than fallout 4 that's like at least fallout 18, finally,,,

this games truly believe in diversity, that's why we support screen ratios like 21:9 and 2:1 in 4k

devs: games are more important than hollywood
devs: forget ethics or politics it's just a game

yesterday in e³: there will be more games, later.
today in e³: there will be more games, later.
tomorrow in e³: there will be more games, later.

i don't celebrate my birthday bc it's the day before NYE and no one is ever around for it. i was going to celebrate my half-birthday this year for the first time ever, and just realised it's the day before canada day and everyone's away on a three-day weekend.


ㄈロ几ら凵州モ尺ノら州 ノら ㄈㄚ乃モ尺尸凵几に

"you can't use google sketchup for a whole game, the tools are not made for this."

ho ho ho renaud have i got a surprise for..., well both of us.

just imagining an e3 where every trailer is scored to Mad World, but no one realised beforehand.

come to think of it, all of the upcoming KO_OP announce trailers could (,should??) be scored to Mad World.

it's true what they say: you can take the boy out of the cape, but if you don't sever the head his madness will consume the earth for a thousand years.

2018 and each and every one of us has to learn how to be five gay friends to our friends.

god dammit how do i watch the world cup in my underwear, where is the twitch stream.

i'm not going to get a piercing that's not a bajoran piercing.

honestly i don't know why i did an image search for iftar but jesus christ.

an important thing to do in breath of the wild is to rescue, rehabilitate, and release horses that were used by bokoblins.

what is a programmer's favourite tea


this joke is not v good

i know what you're thinking
nick nick nick nick,
you say,
where is your $team developer homepage.
and i answer
you you you you,
i will not add free value to a platform that abnegates its responsibility behind an algorithm that generates plausible deniability.

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