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frustrating how many dive bars can't promise a vegan option, all i want to do is eat sloppy nachos or sloppy curry or sloppy spaghetti and drink my beer and get sloppy.

honestly, and i've said this before, but the hardest thing in starting a new project is asking myself "what does it look like?"
i can stare at this pinterest board for days but i don't know how artists just improvise a creative direction into existence. it's wild.

classic pre-launch friday dilemma: break down in self-hating tears or punch everything within reach?

i'm trying to be better about managing my despair (public and private) but hooo boy i've got five distribution platforms and four different OSs to manage and those plates are not spinning.

literally as i'm shutting down my computer for the weekend...
bug report: saves don't work.

don't worry folks, got a whole monday to fix that one, it's well in hand, says the boy who broke achievements on day 1 ps4 launch.

heck yeah
~ the butt is back ~

my first butt, my podracing butt, is back on the racetrack.

[birdsite butt]

now to start making mastobutts

well well, 8am monday morning and i'm already angry.

all builds are broken. i should make some coffee.


here goes nothing.

ugh fossil fuels are the absolute worst, i wish someone would just burn them all with fire., hang on.

gdc19's open for submission and i'm already looking forward to putting something together for .

finally using steam's social features to comment "oh no" on all my friends buying gnog today.

the gulf between youtuber prosody and the roman mars school of podcast prosody is stark and illuminating.

genuinely don't understand where my need for this song is coming from, but i'm here to share these desires.

quake iv daggerfall
quake v morrowind
quake obliVIon
quake vii skyrim

you realise that if darius has his way everyone who writes memes will be out of a job.

i don't want to be a no man's sky hipster, and yet...

enjoy your "video game," nerds. back in my day we had no features and that's exactly how we liked it.

super looking forward to startup idiots commodifying cat shit and eating it with every meal because they read one article on buzzfeed.

"do you have *any* idea how much cat shit i've eaten to get where i am??"

"enable two-factor authentication to have your access code recorded onto a playable audio log and sent to the general vicinity of your workspace along with 2-3 mysterious props."

next david cage game will finally revolutionise mocapped autofellatio.

video games is two words because it derives from the latin, video computer games.

well thanks to our neighbours not looking after the common garbage bin while we were away for a week, i now know what roiling looks like.

4h45 and wondering if wanting meaning in life is orthogonal to finding meaning in life.

i just want a recipe for ful in quantities that'll last me a week of breakfasts.

*taps small microphone*
~ IPAs aren't that good
~ fair trade is more important than organic
~ vegetables are better than meat

i have terrible news

i think i like My Weird New Vegan Breakfast

i just described sprinkling toasted sesame seeds on food as "fun" and lord help me i was not expecting to become a forty-seven year old white woman so soon.

haven't got my head on today, just proofreading my colleague's gnogblog post and watching a docco about castles.

not bad all told though.

i mean i think i pushed one of the final patches for and my body and mind are just shattered.

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