perhaps this once again, perhaps some No End in Sight, to not feel sad in darkest night.

it is i, the whomst whom might dooms't.


alrighty, gonna stream some doom ii (1994) with e2m2 and onwards of the MEGAWAD, "no end in sight."


looks like micro$oft have deprecated support for my (their?) webcam, the vx1000, so future streams will have 100% less of your favourite sweaty boy and 100% more silence punctuated by sipping noises, perhaps for the best.

(see also

well, it's saturday morning and i'm going to try streaming on caffeine for the first time with some pubg.

join me in: Very Quietly Not Gameing Very Good.

someone came on stream to ask me what games i like, whether i play fortnite, and if i could please follow them. when i ignored the latter request they accused me of bullying and left.

ah, gamers. don't ever change. please change. please please change.

jumping back into doom ii (1994) with No End In Sight E2M4+.

gonna attempt the mythical ~double stream~ on...

i'm enjoying the mythical double stream and may continue in the foreseeable future.

is there a deep dive into the graphic design of system shock 2? there are some shockingly bold icons and interfaces here.

well i've got a glass full of unused cooking wine and it's the weekend so let's stream some doom ii (1994) why not.

continuing where i left off, the No End In Sight *mega-wad* at E2M5.



doom ii (1994): no end in sight* (E2M8 - ???)

*caveat: the end of episode 2 is in sight.

crossing the streams –



i think i'll probably finish this episode of No End in Sight on stream, then do the last one on my own. they're long slogs and i'm not adding anything to The Discourse.

~ doom ii (1994) ~
alright, i think i'm done streaming No End in Sight for now, E3M8 was straightforward & finished in <1m & i'm not sure i can take the emotional strain of another ep atm.

the mod is a beast.
E3M7 Netherworld Cathedral is a beast.


i mean look at this.
you look at it.
but you don't understand.

*thousand-yard stare*

no one can understand.

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