in a zany mixup, depression, work, and relationships all move into the same apartment -- can they get along?? the hit new series.

@nicknicknicknick I mean then the sitcom would be about what if they ~whoops~ crossed paths or if depression started sleeping with work behind relationship's back etc etc

who invited effort to this apartment, they're the nosy annoying neighbour i don't want to deal with.

@nicknicknicknick laptop, tablet, 20 books, a hot water bottle with a loveheart knitted on it, Godiva chocolates and a face cream that smells like oranges move into the right side of cara's bed. How will she cope will she ever sleep tune in next wk

"next week, on that's so cara..."
*several establishing shots of empty godiva wrappers*
[CARA is in BED covered in ORANGE MOISTURISER. her MOUTH is smudged with CHOCOLATE.]
"she's *made her bed*..."
"i've made a huge mistake."
"...but will she *sleep* in it??!"

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