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nick nick nick nick

everyone acting like the čapek play we have to worry about is r.u.r. has completely missed the satire & critique of capitalism that is war with the newts, smh.

please, you can call me nick four times, only my unity install calls me...

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continuing the effort to bring my old unity web browser games into the current cultural webgl zeitgeist, here is the (in)famous (bad)
~ b to bazinga ~

dried apricots are great but i can't shake the feeling that they're the blood cells of some lumbering unfathomable beast.

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i thought it was weird that into the breach was leaning so heavily on FTL but then like, fine, okay.

i think the kit & ko offices were blessed with a feasting merlin outside our solarium this lunchmas.

well, i've abandoned the project, but i've put it online for scholarly purposes.