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nick nick nick nick

eat the rich
punch the nazis
burn the techbros
destroy the TERFs
boop the snoots
boost the toots

aw hey thanks :)

it's definitely something we all want to do (and there are plenty of bug fixes that could stand to be backported). only issue is that the ps4 project is uhh... still in unity 5.6, and this current iteration is in 2017.3, and there's the potential for plenty of headaches bringing it forward. not insurmountable, but we're still considering the time/cost of it all.

no for sure, i was thinking of that one as well... i don't think she'll mind if it's old ;)

just means i'll have to get a 3DS (or clamshell 2DS) for myself as well. ah, anyway, she's worth it.

hey um
what's a nice 3DS game for my (going on) seven year-old niece?

the dawning horror when you realise there's a slice of cheese under *every* emoji...

i'll mirror/host the latter on my own website once i figure out this self-publishing issue (maybe this weekend)

hey okay!
i finally wrote a bunch of words about
and the design of its cursor, for

i started therapy a year ago ostensibly to help me with my creative blocks and we haven't gotten there yet. soon, i hope. progress is being made.

there are days i wish i didn't feel ashamed or frightened of my own sense of wonder.

i mean technically there's no reason it can't.

sometimes when i'm visiting my folks i'll delay getting out of bed until i'm sure he's done eating.