the world is too complicated to start claiming ontologies for dunk-a-roos.

my to-do list this evening included the task "measure bicycle wheel," which i didn't really have time to do, and it's taking all my effort to remind myself that this doesn't make me a failure and that i'm still (generally) an okay person worthy of love.

i'm not sure if that other account was supposed to like things Beyond the Veil of the Federation so i'm liking it from here as well, i hope you enjoy montréal.

look i know Load isn't without its problems but i'm enjoying listening to The House that Jack Built in the context of hellbirb.

i've got 8 pinned tabs in firefox and on occasion – alright, it's around when i pull a free tab outside to watch a video on my other screen – it's that other, empty window that firefox seems to save, and so i lose all my pinned tabs when i fire(fox) it back up, which is a real pain in the buns, pardonnez-moi mon français.

sext: i transport my lobsters with care while you roughly set up troughs to house your lobsters

it's infuriating when you realise how much people are just making it up.

i drag myself slowly to the end of the week, hand over fist, my raiment torn and charred as though in some long-forgotten battle, grit soiling the tears running down my cheeks, i raise a grasping, shaking hand to you in supplication, and through the rattle and rasp you hear me whisper...

three *cough*

three.... hundred.... megabytes.

there's always stuff to patch. it's at the point now where it's all pretty low-priority, and yet...

i mean i think i pushed one of the final patches for and my body and mind are just shattered.

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haven't got my head on today, just proofreading my colleague's gnogblog post and watching a docco about castles.

not bad all told though.

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