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~ reminder ~
the gnog soundtrack is one of the strongest motivators that got me through the development of gnog. it's a lovely space that has entered my pantheon of great OSTs.

itch really is the best store, and i say this as a developer, a distributor, a moral being, the president of the hair club for men for some reason, and a gamer.

quake iv daggerfall
quake v morrowind
quake obliVIon
quake vii skyrim

~ today in therapy ~
food and other rituals i've built up with those closest to me to achieve satiety in lieu of direct emotional intimacy.

what are the optics on removing your game from a storefront [checks calendar] two days after launch?

genuinely don't understand where my need for this song is coming from, but i'm here to share these desires.

the gulf between youtuber prosody and the roman mars school of podcast prosody is stark and illuminating.

@caraellison @matthewseiji
...kind of!

*scratches out "hang in there, baby"*
*hastily scribbles "you are worth it"*

finally using steam's social features to comment "oh no" on all my friends buying gnog today.

gdc19's open for submission and i'm already looking forward to putting something together for .

i'd like to resurface this birdsite-toot, from our iOS release, which is again very relevant today.