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back on a train and someone is spelling out Grand Marnier as loudly as possible so we hear how cultured she is.

just basically immobile. very much don't see the point of doing things.

til an olive in hungarian is an olajbogyó, an oil-berry, and that's the cutest.

just depressed about things i have no right to be depressed about, really. vicariously depressed.

i'm sitting here on this train and in my head i'm singing the absolute worst cover of johnny b goode with my name in place of johnny b goode's name and holy heck it's the funniest thing i've ever heard, wish you could be here.

~today in therapy~
a need to organise for "ideal" outcomes; frustration w/myself & others for letting unexamined emotions govern behaviour.

~ cursed thread ~
you have participated in a FB thread with a man who wants to explain feminism to you.
-1 INT, -2 WIL, -2 CON (24hrs)

specially trained navigators use pumpkin spice to guide ships through pumpkin space