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hey did you hear about the american government?

it is bad.

(pause for laughter)

okay i've settled on either the sierra games fanfare or the theme for kakariko village.

i did the soups and a skewer. it was good! broth is so good frankly.

this is happening tonight, so do i go for
~ greasy québecois grub
~ fancy sushi
~ thai soups & sammiches
who can say.

it's problematic though because my love is only conditional on what the amandine is giving me.

most places have embraced nacho mountains but are there any good bars or pubs serving steamies & poutine?

10hr supercut of the drunkard's "i need some ale!" from baldur's gate.

on tuesday night, after launching GNOG on iOS, i basically just caved and ate an entire bag of chips for dinner. in hindsight, i think i deserved to treat myself, but i just wasn't in that headspace at the time. i'll make up for that this weekend.

The best part of Disney owning Star Wars is that a Dash Rendar film isn't just a possibility, but an eventuality.

lol is it only eight, it feels like i've been awake for years

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