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we're working hard on the PC/Mac port of it's just taking me a while to implement battle royale.

apart from wolves and a few quests requiring meat (!!), i'm trying to go vegetarian in botw. i can't hunt these creatures... they're too cute, and this is their world now.


i like this game.

lord i spend my entire morning getting a toot ready and i still mess up the alphabetical ordering, nick nick nick nick you goof.

just started watching night manager.
hugh is a right prick.

i'm tracking bokoblins for days across the savannah; when i finally catch up with them, i soar high above, draw my bow, and as time slows down the sky clears and a gospel choir swells with "and i beheld the sun was rising."

fuckin nearly missed the hashed-tag, that was a close thing whew.

i thought i was going to really be into the video game STRAFE but it turns out i'm not really into the video game STRAFE.

i know i want to just have a beer and play a viddo jame tonight, but *which* viddo?

*what* jame?


just gonna start straight-up licking the ground from here on out to see if it's salt.