why doesn't apple make an eyemask and call it the iMask

Also completed this weekend is a refresh of nickpegg.com/ ! Feels good to get that big item off the TODO list.

I've released v2.0 of my little static site generator, Posty! 🎉 github.com/nickpegg/posty

Did a total re-write so that it's a proper Python package and not just some dumb script.

Merging a backwards-incompatible, major-version-bumping branch into master has me like youtube.com/watch?v=7VvkXA6xpq

Wrote 1337 lines of code this weekend, I think that's a good stopping point.

Recently I've been overhauling my little static site generator that I wrote 7.5 years ago. It's been interesting to see how I've changed as a programmer and what patterns I've picked up over the years. github.com/nickpegg/posty/tree


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