Certain jokes are always funny to me, regardless of how obvious or telegraphed they are.

For example: when a character says "you know me ..." to another character they've just met.

I laugh, and then I can't help imagining how their mind works. Are they saying it intentionally as a familiarizing joke? Or is everyone they talk to just a vague reskinning of the same familiar friend?

The sun sees no shadows.

Obsessed with this Polish poster for RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK:

I follow more bots than humans on here, and I'm perfectly fine with that.

The minute the email came through that I didn't land the Meow Wolf gig, I got hit with a torrential downpour. Baptism by Florida.

Still legitimately excited to see what they're cooking up.

Reviewing now would be like reviewing a painting before the canvas has been stretched. My only hope is that its experiential ambitions match its aesthetic potential, which is unquestionably beautiful.

The drips of story we encountered tonight had promise, but they would do well to more assiduously avoid the language of interactivity until they are prepared to deliver on that level of experience.

This comes to a close as we arrive at our abode for the next few days ...

Final costume accoutrements are being acquired in anticipation of tomorrow night's party.

Entering the home stretch as we received word of a very considerate offer from the Evermore team for guests visiting from out of state, in recognition of certain features that won't be party-ready.

Classy and appreciated.

Our first unplanned stop: a threshold guardian taking the form of a freeway shutdown on the 15 in Vegas.

We will not be deterred.

Our first, probably premature stop: Peggy Sue's 50s Diner and Diner-saur park.

We realistically expect Evermore to be largely unfinished, but they need only exceed this level of environmental design.

Our ragtag pack of seven theme-park misfits begins their 650-mile pilgrimage to the pre-opening party for Evermore, the new "living theatrical park" in Utah.

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