Last night I got my Sherlock Holmes story title bot @autodoyle working! Check it out!!

Due to the disproportionate anxiety of the inverse, I take an uncommon amount of relief from knowing -- with absolute certainty -- that I'm in the correct lane on the freeway. A supremely California pleasure.

Case in point: the sidecar for Jack Jack that this toy added to the Elasticycle is now part of my official post-Incredibles-2 headcanon, and nobody can convince me otherwise.

@keithcalder Look I’m just saying, it’s really cool. And we have like way more users over here.

Vulture’s interview with Penn Jillette is a terrific read. I’ll never be able to get onboard with libertarianism, so there are parts of this where I fiercely disagree, but his point comparing the way people are manipulated by fake news today with the way we were manipulated by TV ads 50 years ago feels very canny.

Niche delight: eBay listings that unintentionally correspond to your ship.

I am not a great collector of Funko Pops, but when they're the only available option to have a judgemental fish nun stare me down from my desk....

I've purchased such an embarrassingly large amount of merchandise, I really didn't know where my line was.

Until today:

“We lit the walls with printed words
filled them with ideas
that taught - informed - inspired.
Some old - some new -
Ideas to share
and spread to far and distant shores.”

-Man and his Spaceship Earth (PDF)

Supreme Leader Anjelica Huston knighting Captain EO with a plastic sword is everything.

Really enjoyed playing through THE ROOM: OLD SINS today, though I do miss the meta puzzles of THE ROOM THREE, which remains my favorite of the series.

To be fair, I always want meta puzzles, regardless of narrative context or design opportunity.

Even when there's no game.

Bittersweet to visit the vintage paintings in the new Space Mountain queue, formerly the second story of our dearly departed Starcade.

3D-VR photo download:

With all deference to @warrenellis's invocation of "THE MAST", I think I should like to call this place "The Toot Suites".


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