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@JPEG bug in composer: write a line of text. Follow with a newline or two. Start typing again and the text will flicker like crazy.

Started watching The Hunger Games for the first time. Not sure I’ll watch it all based on what I’ve seen so far.

Watching Miss (almost) 5 learn how to play the ukulele and the recorder fills my heart with joy. She gave her first "family" concert tonight and it was perfect.

Does anybody use or know of a service for getting more control over Github Issues notification emails? For example, a daily digest of newly opened and closed issues?

Two bugs:
1. Username autocomplete doesn’t work when it’s not done at the end of the sentence (if there are any characters following the insertion point)
2. (Biggie) Leave app for some time (enough to miss multiple pages of toots) return and pull to refresh. Only the most recent page of toots is fetched. The UI doesn’t highlight that there are gaps in the timeline.

@JPEG fancy an inception style bug report? Check out the video ;)

TLDR; if you look at ASCII Text Faces and then @ mention a user the ASCII Text Faces peek from underneath (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

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@JPEG I typed a # when searching for hashtags and couldn’t find anything. Then I realised that when searching for hashtags I need to omit the symbol itself. Would be lovely if Mast could strip that symbol prefix (if we accidentally type it) before hitting the search endpoint...

study jam tonight and I haven’t done my homework

every time you do something kind for a loved one or a stranger without expecting anything in return, you are rebelling against a rotten, anti-human order that wants you to view every element of your life as a ledger book. godspeed.

In honor of , I just scrolled through my notifications tab and randomly followed a bunch of people who have replied to me at some point because I'm sick of my timeline seeming so slow and boring even though I know there's quite a lot of people on Mastodon these days. If I didn't happen to click on you, sorry - maybe next !

Halloween films from the Public Domain 🎞️ 🍿 πŸŽƒ Show more

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@JPEG also, there’s a crash when tapping media in the timeline. Can’t reproduce it yet.

@JPEG unrelated, Push stopped working again. I tried the unsubscribe/subscribe trick but no luck.

@JPEG the Today widget (3D Touch on app icon) is empty until you touch the content area. Then a toot shows up.

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