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‪It was a pleasure to speak to the Wellington ICT graduate students today.‬

I remember being in their shoes just a couple of... decades ago. Oh dear.

I hope the U1 chip will enable automatic iPhone, iPad, Mac unlock from a trusted, unlocked device (ie. having an Apple Watch on the wrist could unlock an iPhone as it's picked up)

I used a blow drier on my beard and now I think I understand people who have to deal with bad hair days.

Fascinating: Disney+ will launch in New Zealand in November 2019. Meanwhile, Apple News is still not available, but Apple TV+ is coming.

Surprised to see that video streaming is "easier" than News.

A new episode of the Keep in Touch (a show I host alongside @todddeland) is now available.

We called it “It might not be pretty but it’s easy”, and feedback is most welcome.

So far Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have confirmed that they have humans who listen (and transcribe) audio recordings we create using their products.

Did I miss anyone?

Funny how the last 10% of a project tends to be 90% of the effort.

In a burst of Live Photos plays back as a single recording.

I'll be speaking at DevWorld in Melbourne, Sept 2-4. See you there?

Give a listen to Episode 6 of the Keep in Touch podcast – "We know how the sausage is made" 🎙

@JPEG I often scroll my timeline backwards (from where I left off): from older to newer toots. Any chance Mast can take that into account when loading the gaps? This way I won’t lose my place in the timeline. 🙏

Use code "WELLINGTON" to get 3 free unlocks with Flamingo who launched their scooter service in Wellington today.

Want a referral code, too? Here 'tis: R764LQE3 (another 3 free unlocks)

I wonder if an independent Apple Watch could be part of Apple's plan to get iMessage onto/into the hands of Android users.

@JPEG I saw you’re in San Jose. Would love to say Hi! Are you at WWDC or AltConf?

Movie night tonight. Next up is Goodfellas. Luckily it's < $5 on iTunes so I can spend the savings on Lagavulin.

New MacBook Pro. Faster CPUs with 65% faster compile times.
4th iteration of the butterfly keyboard... sigh... I want it but it just can't be an impulse buy after what it's siblings have gone through.

It's quite disappointing when I buy a movie on iTunes and it has no subtitles. Among other reasons, it makes it hard to quote when there is uncertainty about the spelling of a character's name.

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