So far Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have confirmed that they have humans who listen (and transcribe) audio recordings we create using their products.

Did I miss anyone?

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@nicktmro the american telephone and telegraph company has human “operators” who listen to and respond to your tequests to be put through to aunt ethel

@zensaiyuki that’s right! And I guess smoke signals were not private either 🤔

@nicktmro i guess the major difference is that, for some reason, people expect privacy from the internet, even though there has basicaly always been a guy who can read all your sexts. just, i guess now it’s 1. common knowledge, 2. after a bunch of people were conned by facebook into giving them an entire FBI dossier’s worth of personal informatiob.

@zensaiyuki I use Signal to message because I perceive it to be pretty “safe”...

I do expect privacy from the internet, but, as I write this, I realise and accept the silliness of my expectations.

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