stock has grown by more than 40% since Jan 2, 2019.

Doomed or not doomed?

The latest has vastly improved the Now Playing complication: it now automatically switches sources to show what’s playing.

Using Google Photos on iOS? Your mobile data and your battery are under assault. At least mine were until I took drastic measures.

Interesting times over there right now, so why not!?

I wouldn’t have filed this under leisure, as adventure seems more appropriate.

Fresh supplies of Hercules planes at The Warehouse. Where everyone gets a bargain.

iCloud pricing (aka Apple Tax) is starting to feel more and more like a rip off.

On our way to see Tay Tay!

Well past our bedtime, but Miss 5 is huge fan and it wasn’t really negotiable.

If all you saw were these stats you’d think I enjoy travelling.

The truth is I’m just bad at avoiding it.

I built a Siri Shortcut to help Kiwis do a quick price check on Trade Me. It's already helped me avoid post purchase regrets ;)

@JPEG fancy an inception style bug report? Check out the video ;)

TLDR; if you look at ASCII Text Faces and then @ mention a user the ASCII Text Faces peek from underneath (sorry, couldn’t help myself)

Apple Maps public transit covers New Zealand pretty well: Auckland, Hamilton, Wellington, Christchurch, Dunedin, etc. Colour me impressed.

Miss 5 wants to make a pillow from our Labrador’s winter fur. Hmmm

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