‪It was a pleasure to speak to the Wellington ICT graduate students today.‬

I remember being in their shoes just a couple of... decades ago. Oh dear.

I hope the U1 chip will enable automatic iPhone, iPad, Mac unlock from a trusted, unlocked device (ie. having an Apple Watch on the wrist could unlock an iPhone as it's picked up)

I used a blow drier on my beard and now I think I understand people who have to deal with bad hair days.

Fascinating: Disney+ will launch in New Zealand in November 2019. Meanwhile, Apple News is still not available, but Apple TV+ is coming.

Surprised to see that video streaming is "easier" than News.

A new episode of the Keep in Touch (a show I host alongside @todddeland) is now available.

We called it “It might not be pretty but it’s easy”, and feedback is most welcome.


@zensaiyuki I use Signal to message because I perceive it to be pretty “safe”...

I do expect privacy from the internet, but, as I write this, I realise and accept the silliness of my expectations.

@zensaiyuki that’s right! And I guess smoke signals were not private either 🤔

So far Amazon, Apple, Facebook, and Google have confirmed that they have humans who listen (and transcribe) audio recordings we create using their products.

Did I miss anyone?

Funny how the last 10% of a project tends to be 90% of the effort.

In a burst of Live Photos plays back as a single recording.

I'll be speaking at DevWorld in Melbourne, Sept 2-4. See you there?

Give a listen to Episode 6 of the Keep in Touch podcast – "We know how the sausage is made" link.chtbl.com/kit6pcom 🎙

@JPEG I would five star your app, but the problem is already have and there’s no 10 stars option.

@JPEG I often scroll my timeline backwards (from where I left off): from older to newer toots. Any chance Mast can take that into account when loading the gaps? This way I won’t lose my place in the timeline. 🙏

podcast frustrations 

@rusty honest question, not fishing for listeners, but what do you think of my approach on keepintouch.fm ?
FWIW, I agree with you.

Use code "WELLINGTON" to get 3 free unlocks with Flamingo who launched their scooter service in Wellington today.

Want a referral code, too? Here 'tis: R764LQE3 (another 3 free unlocks) flamingoscooters.com/referral/

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