€100 million fine to Google for dropping tracking cookies without consent. Vive la France 😆

Agreed, except the last one. Password Manager - Bitwarden 🙂

I agree. It seems he already has 70% European votes. This poll is not quite accurate.

I came to an observation lately. Most of the programs I'm using everyday for an are German made. How is that?
And all of them are extremly reliable and robust. Some of are
Well Done German developers 👍

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I know it doesn't make much sense but consider to add a "0 minutes" reminder in calendar. Sometimes it helps to achieve a reminder at exact time.

The photos have something like sketch effect, I mean.

The team is growing I can see. Good!
Also, this thing with the sketch is great. Which program?

Malware τύπου Cryptocurrency-Mining στοχεύει το Linux και χρησιμοποιεί Rootkit ως λειτουργία απόκρυψης



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