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oh v for vendetta if that counts? I felt like I didn't get a lot of that (like was it meant to be surprising that Stephen Fry was gay? Also what is the thing with eggs they keep cooking)

I think I've seen three comic book films ever: Blade, Spiderman and Deadpool

are any of those meant to be good because Blade was kinda fun but they all sucked tbh

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I thought it was

we're watching you
stand to attention
please print on recycled paper
danger: maths
end capitalism
choose fonts wisely
can't really see this icon
bring back zines

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Here's a guide to those #CreativeCommons icons:

:cc_cc: - Creative Commons
:cc_by: - attribution
:cc_sa: - share alike
:cc_nd: - no derivatives
:cc_nc_us: :cc_nc_eu: :cc_nc_jp: - non-commercial
:cc_zero: :cc_pd: - public domain
:cc_remix: - remix
:cc_share: - share

I said to my wife it's weird that Nipper (who is 1 1/2) sort of does what I say when I've got him on my own but when she's there he seems to think she overrules me and he ignores what I say like she's in charge and I just deputise when she's out

she's like "well yeah, obviously"

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i really want a project car

i want to learn all the car shit

i want a car i can play lego with

British news right now

adults aren't even supposed to get scarlett fever

ok so i just realised that all the ill i've been the last couple of years started when i got control over my drinking

so is it just that i'm feeling all the shit people normally do when they're not drunk their whole life

or is it the decade of constant alcohol has ruined my immune system or something

i'm gonna have a nap because screw adulthood

no i'm not fixing the spelling and reposting Show more

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every plemora/mastodon discussion summarised Show more

every plemora/mastodon discussion summarised Show more

i'm so ill if i was a pet it'd be an easy decision

I kinda like that Pickle's hat and shorts match

Where do I hand back my gay club membership

is there a gif of the queen watching shaggy because i cbf to hunt through the whole program when that reaction is all i'm wanting to see

what if facebook had to enforce the half your age plus seven creepiness rule