this afternoon of toddler tv i got a bit obsessed with this presenters range of expressions

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Please feel free to bake your own

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tooting rate is inversely correlated with how i feel about myself so the less you hear from me the better i am ok

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if i'd known sooner that photos steal a bit of your soul i'd have taken more selfies

I feel like fear of being unemployed again is putting me off of taking the small risks a good employee would take

Syndicated web content can be a pain in the rss

it wouldn't be so bad if it wasn't total rubbish and we had ever sold anything through the website but as far as I can see we once sold one table about a year ago

Place I'm working is paying £500 per month to some guy for a standard template squarespace site

I want to explain to them they're basically being robbed here but is my second week too soon to start rocking the boat

so far today i've only eaten german bread of various types (gluten tag)

Is it cool to say bi rather than pan again (asking for a friend)

I'm like "lemme make an instagram for these, they're art" but the boss insists designer furniture is worthless junk

Where I work we sell second hand office furniture and they've ended up with this huge collection of Charles Eames etc designed chairs they don't know what to do with which is a weird problem

Would it be a big ask for Joe Hisaishi to soundtrack my life

The dad from my neighbour totoro is my celeb crush

Dreamed I was behind Barney from Napalm Death in the queue as Asda and he was mega friendly it was nice

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