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Hey tooters

Toot on if you need help with something broken

Or toot on if you have tools and skills and can help someone out who needs it

and boost this to help more people

The only pronoun I use is lovely

Hey gang, I'll be tooting more real life stuff from @boyce

Probably not much will change with this account

Consider the new one the real me and this one some sort of imagined or idealised or public personna of me I guess if that doesn't sound like something an asshole would say

Don't feel you have to follow/read/interact with either obviously

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@nico what if we actually did /different/ hashtags so that people who need help can find help and helpers can find people who need help. right now the hashtag is reeeaally skewed towards helpers

proposal hashtags: #icanfix and #iwantfix. then you can also have #fixmystuff for browsing them together

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toots that mellow with age, any extreme language being made less so over time

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Hey tooters

Toot on if you need help with something broken

Or toot on if you have tools and skills and can help someone out who needs it

and boost this to help more people

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omfg #fixmystuff is so good and pure i love you mastodon 💖

then fall into silence and throw off our clothes and run free and naked through the woods before the evening orgy

what I'm saying is this could be a good thing rather than a sad joke

mras could come in from the cold and see that feminism is not the enemy but a wonderful movement that does seek to engage with a lot of the cause of the problems they have or believe they have

men, women, animals, plants, we could all see ourselves and each other as part of a diverse and rich ecosystem and respect that we should all be free to voice our thoughts and opinions in honest but sensitive ways

Happy "while I feel reluctant to share these thoughts for fear of being seen to belittle the many severe problems faced by fellow humans of less privileged genetics, background, etc, I don't think it does any harm to have a day of focus for the specific problems faced by people who despite or perhaps because of unequal society might personally need a bit of support at the moment" day

Happy "while I recognise that in many senses I am in a position of privilege this doesn't mean that I think problems that disproportionately affect one population segment aren't damaging to society as a whole" day

Happy "you don't need to be an mra to appreciate that gender roles and the patriachy have negative consequences for the vast majority of people, though some are more damaged than others we all suffer in a wide range of ways" day

i mean i'm just flicking through and there's been a load of great replies to and some trans awareness week talk and plenty of people looking out for one another and being supportive of stuff and all the things we're here for

find it very hard to care about some twunt setting up an instance for twunts...block/mute/whatever and get on with being lovely, right?

Spent today so far setting up retropie, building a lego case, getting the wii remotes to work and playing pokemon

Is this time well spent y/n

so i got a response to that feedback email I sent regarding that shitty peer mentoring course I've been whinging about for days

is there a worse way to start an apology than "I'm sorry if"


i fucking am

also somehow I always have better luck with refurbished tech than new? Does anyone else find that

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probably the key reason I need to work for myself is hating the feeling pressure to not look and act like myself when I'm representing someone else's business