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Boris Johnson 

@nico buying new video games like i don't have games i haven't even touched yet

downloading a video game like I'll ever have the time for a video game

actual long moan 

actual long moan 

Friend always argues with me about tennis but we never agree so it's just a load of back and forth really

Still learning how to get the best out of this camera (Panasonic FZ45) I know it's not a serious one but it's challenging enough for me tbh

just a reminder for anyone who doesn't have other ways of getting in contact with people they care about

I got banned from Facebook time ago (the real name policy...) and there are friends I still haven't been able to get back in contact with

look what you made me do is my entrance music if ever I need to make an entrance

saw a hackernews thread asking this question earlier and was surprised how many answers were "watering my plants automatically"

i started building an arcade machine but had trouble with the woodwork so at the moment my RPIs are just used for kodi

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