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How would you go about finding the closest pair of houses in the UK with the same number and street name?

And what are they? (They're literally next door to one another. Neighbouring local governments disagreed about the numbering.)

don't really know this guy Bolton but that moustache

wow my sort-of boss is not being a dick about me giving notice so that's surprising-good

craft beer is a great thing if you need to be nerdy about your addiction

what i'm doing is making a list of all the businesses near my new house and ordering them by walking time and applying for a job at each basically i want to roll out of bed

is the band monster magnet attractive to monsters or just a really big magnet

i'll be funny again when im less stressed i promise

this contract was the biggest mistake in a long line of big mistakes i have made

i have given notice two weeks two weeks two friggin weeks is all

im hooked on this little android game Heroism is anyone else

i aint sayin shes a golden digger but she's one of the largest members of the sphecidae family, noted for the yellow thorax hairs and underground nesting habits

hello i hosted the most amazing pride event and it is such a relief it all went well that is all

i just want to feel safe and able to relax without worrying about everything does anyone have that

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