Okay now I've found google.co.ck exists there's no going back

Heh apparently this link crashes iThings t.co/4Ql8uDYvY3

used to spend hours working on crash links as a kid

also I'm still a child basically

Also I've been looking for fun palindromes today so maybe I'll have something to say for you later if you also have ailihphilia

Haven't got around to importing my follows from this account to @nico yet but that's where I toot now if you're not aware (won't be sending out those bloody awful automated DMs not sorry)

Got a few things in the works at the moment if you want to check out things here patreon.com/nicob and here nicoboyce.com

Been quiet for a while as I've had a rough few weeks but I'll be back to full capacity soon I hope

help i had to give a talk and now i can't stop imagining people naked how do i get the clothes back help

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Things I've been enjoying lately (and maybe other people i.e. you might too) Show more

@envgen Oh I like your new track on Spotify by the way (sorry I can't remember your friend's @) been meaning to let you know we've been enjoying it

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suicide, mh etc, probably going to be long and heavy Show more

suicide, mh etc, probably going to be long and heavy Show more

don't get me wrong, it's good the guardian exists rather than *nothing* providing a vaguely left perspective on national news that you can pick up in asda but if someone made something better I'd never pick up the graun again no worries

remind me when i'm rich (so never) to start a lefty newspaper that isn't entirely hypocritical

only the guardian would the same day publish both an article slagging off Boris Johnson for sleeping with people who aren't his wife and an article that declares monogamy over and says that the conditions of a relationship or marriage are between those people and nothing to do with outsiders

when someone gave me a 386 as a kid "imagine how much i could do if we had the internet" now i've got the internet in my pocket at all times "imagine how much i'd get done if i didn't have the internet"


"what are you going to do with it?"

"Shake it!"

Every chorus on the new eminem needs that bit from the lil dicky/snoop dogg song where snoop says "man that's garbage" after it

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